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CBSE, ICSE Board Exams get closer! Five easy ways for teachers to achieve 100 pc result

ANI | Updated: Feb 15, 2021 14:46 IST

New Delhi [India], February 15 (ANI/Mediawire): While CBSE Board Exam 2021 Date Sheet has been announced, the students of the CISCE Board still await any such announcement. CBSE Board Exams 2021 will begin from 4th May. For class 10th, the last exam will be held on June 07 and for class 12th, the exams will conclude on June 11.
Not just for students, it is a crucial time for teachers as well. Given below are some significant points to note for teachers to make the most of the time left.
Here are 5 things teachers should include in the preparation routine to alleviate stress and help students obtain desired results in CBSE ICSE board examinations2021.

1. Filter all-important questions from every chapter of every subject
CBSE ICSE Board Examination 2021 will be starting in just three months. In this crucial time, teachers should help the students in filtering important questions as per the examination pattern, from every chapter of every subject. Teachers should prepare subject-wise and chapter-wise lists of questions that have been and have high chances of re-appearing in the Boards. This will provide a finite structure for the students to undergo quick revision before exams.
Oswaal Books publishes CBSE ICSE Question Banks for Classes 10 and 12 which are neatly segregated Chapter-wise & Topic-wise. They are strictly based on the "Latest and Reduced" syllabus for 2021 Exams. These Question Banks are packed with innovative cognitive learning tools like Mind Maps, Concepts Videos, Toppers' Answer Sheet etc. You can order their FREE Specimen Copies to curate practice material for the upcoming board exams.
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2. Encourage solving Previous Years' Question Papers
Assuming that the students must have completed the syllabus for each subject, it is time to channelise all the energy towards revision. Teachers should promote and encourage their students to solve Previous Years' Question Papers to understand the format and sort of questions that have been asked through the years.
3. Prepare and Circulate a Common Mistakes Chart

There are some common errors that most students commit during the board exams, from failing to label organs in Biology to missing formulas and units in Math or Physics and end up losing marks. Starting with language-based subjects like English to numerical-based subjects like Math and Science, teachers are advised to educate and introduce students with 'Commonly Made Mistakes' to help them avoid such errors in the final exams.
Oswaal CBSE ICSE Sample Question Papers & Question Banks include learning tools like Commonly Made Errors and Answering Tips to help the students learn to write exam-focused answers. Moreover, as we know that this year board exams will have more application-based questions, you need to make them practice more & more sample questions based on the new pattern. Oswaal CBSE ICSE Sample Question Papers include new Typologies of Questions as suggested by the respective boards. You can get FREE Specimen Copies of even these Sample Papers from Oswaal Books.
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4. Conduct Doubt Solving Sessions
It is suggested that the teachers should conduct a 30 to 45 minutes long doubt-solving session at least twice a week. This will be more possible now as the Schools are gradually starting to open. This will help the students clear their doubts and prepare more efficiently. These sessions can be arranged in groups of 5 to 10 students, as per the teacher's bandwidth. Since offline classes have been affected in the last year, it will be a healthy activity for both teachers and students.
5. Conducting regular assessments
After completing the syllabus and going through all the additional study material, self-assessment comes as the next most important step to securing good marks. Teachers should involve their students in solving at least 4 Sample Papers of each subject, every week. Sample Papers help the students analyse their answers, identify mistakes, and rectify them to avoid errors in final exams. Oswaal Sample Question Papers for classes 10th and 12th are known for Self-Assessment. They include both Solved and Self-Assessment Papers to help the students undergo extensive practice before exams. Even teachers can use these Sample Papers for setting papers for the pre-board examinations.
Students have very little time left to practice and revise and the teachers have very little time to prepare the students for D-Day. Under such a crucial and pressurising situation, teachers should help the students by using the right study-resources. Given above are 5 important aspects of final preparation that can be looked upon by the teachers to assist students.
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