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CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Boards 2022 Maths & Science: How to prepare maximum in minimum time?
CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Boards 2022 Maths & Science: How to prepare maximum in minimum time?

CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Boards 2022 Maths & Science: How to prepare maximum in minimum time?

ANI | Updated: Dec 28, 2021 18:23 IST

New Delhi [India], December 28 (ANI/Oswaal Books): CBSE Class 10 term 2 Exams will be conducted in the month of March-April 2022. These exams will be conducted descriptively.
Students need to prepare equally for every subject and the syllabus for all the subjects is almost reduced by the CBSE. Students can check the official website of the CBSE for the syllabus.
Students can prepare for every subject in the stipulated time but they are more concerned about the Maths and Science subjects. These subjects can also be covered in a couple of months.
But, the main point of consideration is that students should start preparing answer writing because term 2 exams will be of 2 hours duration. And students need to complete the exam at this time only.
Below are some perfect strategies that students can adopt for upcoming Term 2 Maths and Science exams to cover maximum in minimum time.
How to prepare for the Science exam?
Students can easily prepare the entire Science syllabus in the minimum possible time. There will be 2 chapters for each Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.
In addition to that, the "Our Environment" chapter will also come in CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Exams. Students can focus on this chapter at the end because it is a very short chapter and it will hardly consume 2-3 hours.
Students should first focus on the NCERT book and previous year papers. NCERT's are specifically designed to give in-depth knowledge of the concepts.
To excel in the term 2 Science board exams, students should start practicing answer writing from the very early stage. Once the students are done with the entire preparation, they should take one test.
This test will help to analyse the areas where they are lacking. If the student is unable to answer some questions, then he/she must see through the NCERT for proper explanation and then write the answer.
This strategy will work wonders for excelling in term 2 board exams.
How to prepare for the Maths exam?
Preparing for the Maths exam is not a great deal for term 2 exams. The entire syllabus for the Term 2 Maths exam is divided into five units.
Even if the students start from scratch,then also the entire syllabus can be covered in a maximum of 30 days. These 30 days will be dedicated to preparation from the NCERT book.

If the students only prepare from the NCERT and previous year questions, then there will be no need to go with some extra books.
All the chapters are entirely covered in NCERT but for "Applications of Trigonometry" students should take assistance from some other book as well.
Once the students are done with the entire preparation, then they should devote their time to sample papers. This will help them get familiar with their weak areas and they can work upon them.
Final Thoughts
Students can easily prepare for class 10 Maths and Science exams. a well-designed study plan must be followed by the students to complete the entire syllabus in time. Students can also choose Oswaal CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Question Bank for Board Exams 2022, and it is according to: Strictly as per the Term-II syllabus for Board 2022 Exams (March-April)
* Includes Questions of the both -Objective & Subjective Types Questions
* Objective Questions based on new typologies introduced by the board-
I. Stand- Alone MCQs,
II. MCQs based on Assertion-Reason
III. Case-based MCQs.
* Subjective Questions Includes-Very Short, Short & Long Answer Types Questions

Here is the recommended link for CBSE Question Bank Class 10 for Term 2 board exams 2022, click here https://bit.ly/3FBJFdB
Students should set the targets and this will help them complete their preparation in time.
Till the time official sample papers are not launched, students should focus entirely on their preparation.
Students should keep on checking the official website of CBSE for more updates. Stay tuned!!
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