California Walnut Commission unveils new brand logo in India

ANI | Updated: Mar 12, 2018 17:09 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar 12 (NewsVoir): The California Walnut Commission has launched their new logo for Indian consumers today as a part of their global branding exercise. The logo, prominently featuring an image of the sun, serves to distinguish the quality and roots of California walnuts. The new brand identity will be used in all consumer and industry communications by the commission.

Michelle Connelly, Executive Director and CEO California Walnut Board and Commission said, "Our goal is to strengthen the connection for consumers, between what they see in our communications and the walnuts they buy. This is just the beginning of a broader objective to incorporate this logo on walnuts and walnut products sold in the US and across the globe."

Pamela Graviet, Sr. Marketing Director, International at California Walnut Board and Commission said, "We are thrilled to unveil our new logo with a mission to bring the best of quality to our consumers in India. The new logo - the outline of a walnut half under a sprinkling of California sunshine - reassures consumers of a consistent quality product from a known source. Making this connection adds value throughout the food chain from the grower to the retailer."

She further added, "At California walnuts, our core objective for the Indian market is to be recognized as the versatile, 'go-to' nut for cooking, snacking and enjoyment that fits any meal occasion. Our mission is to drive that message through engaging content and recipes that interests our consumers here."

The California Walnut Commission is also planning to redesign its existing website in India to provide better interface for the Indian consumers. The new website will feature a series of walnut inspired recipes showcasing its usage and versatility along with information on nutritional benefits of walnuts. (NewsVoir)