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BitIndia to boost cryptocurrency usage in India, plans to move 20 percent population from India on blockchain

ANI | Updated: Sep 02, 2017 17:05 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept 2 (ANI-BusinessWire): Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are creating waves throughout the world. The blockchain technology has started to attract a lot of common people and investors in the world, thus people are considering this revolutionizing technique to implement in their lives for several reasons.

Blockchain experts and enthusiasts have great expectations from the technology, since its commendable features can provide the solutions for many of the existing problems.

Blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that everybody in the particular network can view. It is designed with lot of creditable attributes, which makes for the total trust in the data. It is not controlled by any single user and only intended users can see the data, and if there is any attempt to alter the data, it's instantly noticeable. As a result, it lets you to deal with the public, on whom you have no reason to believe, and without having to run through a neutral third party or regulator.

Despite of the benefits, only few people have moved to blockchain or are into it. The technology is still passive in India. This may be due to the lack of awareness about the latest technology. India needs to get into the trending technologies, where blockchain is at the top of the list. The blockchain is a technology that backs the major cryptocurrencies and also helps in keeping records transparent with a very smooth functioning. It is not the case that our nation does not know about blockchain technology, but there are no proper platforms for it.

To fight the lack of awareness and complexities with the blockchain in India, BitIndia aims to provide proper guidance and knowledge to the people of India by designing and developing a platform powered by the blockchain technology providing a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet for India. BitIndia will be the most suitable and secure way of buying and selling Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple that are cryptocurrencies or digital assets with the help of Indian Rupees; to trade or keep the digital assets as savings.

BitIndia will let its users to purchase, sell and secure Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple in the BitIndia Wallet App and will let the users to trade on all major cryptocurrencies with Indian rupees through the BitIndia Exchange. It will a global platform which ensures to provide security with a convenient method of payment over the Internet.

BitIndia will provide a global platform for exchange and trade in cryptocurrencies, and is cited to be India's largest and first upcoming blockchain technology platform to deal in cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoin. BitIndia will be the most convenient method to trade Bitcoins, Ethereum and Ripple from every corner of the country.

Currently only 0.5percent of Indian population is believed to know what bitcoin is, what to talk about blockchain and other cryptocurrencies. BitIndia aims to take up the numbers up to 20percent by designing the easiest and fastest blockchain platform for any layman to easily understand.

BitIndia is launching its Venture Capitalists Pre Token Swap (only for the Venture Capitalists) on September 11, 2017, where it will distribute BitIndia tokens to the Venture Capitalists and entitle them for the company's share of profits before offering them to the general public. BitIndia will also launch its Pre Token Swap for general public on October 11, 2017 where BitIndia calls for public investors from all around the world to be a part of India's Blockchain Revolution.

BitIndia aims to introduce all the major altcoins in the Bitindia Exchange and wants to create a user friendly, secure, decentralized atmosphere for blockchain enthusiasts in India, so that people can carry out their everyday transactions conveniently through the BitIndia wallet.

BitIndia envisions covering 20percent of the population of India and getting them aware of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

BitIndia aims to launch the largest, easiest, simplest and the fastest platform to trade in cryptocurrencies or buy and sell digital assets. (ANI-BusinessWire India)