The examination is going to be really tough since the students are getting plenty of time to prepare themselves for it.
The examination is going to be really tough since the students are getting plenty of time to prepare themselves for it.

Big update on Karnataka Boards 2021 SSLC & PUC Exam dates! How to stay study focused amid all?

ANI | Updated: May 22, 2021 14:58 IST

New Delhi [India], May 22 (ANI/Oswaal Books): The Karnataka Primary and Secondary education minister, S Suresh Kumar has clearly stated that contrary to the rumors afloat and what people are assuming to be true, a decision hasn't been made regarding whether or not the SSLC or the PUC-II will be cancelled altogether.
The exams have been postponed before in light of the chaos and inconvenience brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic but there has been no verified or authenticated leads on the examinations being cancelled.
The dates haven't been circled in yet but that doesn't mean that students should see this as an opportunity to bide some time. The examination is going to be really tough since the students are getting plenty of time to prepare themselves for it. And ideally, the students should start preparing notwithstanding the delay in examination.
Now we realize that it may be difficult to cope with the vast syllabus and now that the circumstances have drastically altered, some studying or learning techniques might be rendered useless. This a lot of students may find difficult. If you are looking to start off on a strong foot, read on to know more.
Tips to stay focused and outperform yourself with the help of these studying tools
With so much morbidity and toxicity encapsulating us, it is only natural that the students have a hard time focusing on their studying. That being said, time stops for no one and students need to prepare themselves for when all this passes over. That is why, in this article, we have created a list of all the things you can do to help prepare yourself better:
1. Make notes in your class - No matter how hard it may seem initially, do not forget to document every little thing that is being taught in class because these are the things that come in handy when answering trick questions. That is what sets a topper apart from a regular student. It is difficult to take notes in an online class but you will get into the habit of it. Make sure that you paraphrase what the teacher says and create your own notes for revisiting and revision. This helps more than you know.
2. Solve Sample Papers - Oswaal Books' Karnataka SSLC & PUC Sample Papers for Class 10 & 12 are the perfect way for you to test yourself out and figure out what needs work and what your strengths are. Sample papers are usually drafted by academic stalwarts or toppers who have a fair idea of what the SSLC examination question paper may consist of. By solving these sample papers, you are confronted with some of the trickiest questions and learn how to think on your feet, recall better and how to frame your answers in the right format so as to secure the highest marks. Also, solving sample papers gives you a good idea of what the real question paper may entail and this way, you are prepared to deal with it appropriately. The trick is to time yourself so that this can simulate a real examination experience for you. Also, These PUC & SSLC Sample Papers for Class 10 & 12 come with a quick revision section of its own called 'On-Tips Notes'.

Here's the recommended link for Karnataka SSLC & PUC Sample Papers Class 10 & 12:
3. Refer to multiple books - When studying the course, do not stick to one particular book. Make sure you have a couple of reference books to resort to as well. Some chapters or topics are better explained with a more comprehensive tone and point of view that might help you get a better insight. This is why having a couple of reference books always pays off. Also, you might come across some important and scarce information that other books might not provide. Referring to different course textbooks can help you develop a better and deeper level of understanding of the subject matter which is really important to have when appearing for an examination like SSLC & PUC Karnataka Board Exams 2021
4. Question Banks - Perhaps the most effective tool that can be called a ticket to academic success in its own right is the question bank. Question banks consist of a number of SSLC question papers from different years in one book, thereby facilitating solving. By solving Oswaal Books' Karnataka SSLC & PUC Question Banks for Class 10 & 12, you are preparing yourself in the most effective and exam-oriented manner since these are the questions that have been asked in previous years' examinations. Also, you come across some questions that are recurring and if you are able to solve the question bank and secure a decent score, then you are ready to take on the real examination as well. Another great way this helps is to figure out the questioning pattern. If you are someone who is inclined towards smart studying, then studying these question bank can really help you figure out a really efficient and productive studying strategy that allows you to save a lot of time (that you can dedicate to other important concerns like revising or solving papers), cover the important subjects, all while preparing you for the examination, subconsciously.

Here's the recommended link for Karnataka SSLC & PUC Question Banks Class 10 & 12 2021 | Previous Years Solved Question Papers:
5. Study Techniques - One of the greatest tools you can have at your disposal is full mastery over different studying techniques or maybe even just one. There are so many kinds of techniques like Mind Mapping, Color Coded Note making, the Feynman Technique, Leitner System, etc. All these enhance your reading, learning, comprehending and retaining skills for the better and make you a better student overall. Try out different techniques and see what works for you. When preparing for an important examination and with little or not time in hand, this is something that can come in handy and help you perform really well.
These are only 5 of the many ways that you can bring yourself to prepare for an important examination like the Karnataka SSLC & PUC Board Exams 2021 the right way. The key is to be consistent with the studying process and to frequently check you before you go ahead and wreck yourself. Start studying today.
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