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Bawa Gang Studios presents
Bawa Gang Studios presents "I am His Voice"

Bawa Gang Studios presents "I am His Voice", a unique story of father and son

ANI | Updated: Apr 16, 2022 12:51 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 16 (ANI/PNN): 'I am His Voice' is an unscripted true narrative by Bawa Gang Studios. A film in which a father of an autistic child takes us on an adventure that he never anticipated would forever transform his life too. A journey of a Father-Son Duo who conveyed an important message to the Society, to the world for "Autism Acceptance".
Parents devote their entire life to nurturing valuable teachings to see their children grow happily from school and into adulthood to settling down and having a family.
But...what if the child is differently-abled and has to deal with the world...? What if society ignores them, or if friends and family members fail to recognise them? What if they are unable to learn simple life? People should come forward with such awareness thoughts of "acceptance" when such questions occur.
Unscripted footage is used in this inspiring documentary. The film "I am His Voice" will leave a lasting impression on viewers and amaze them with its story narration, cinematography, and situational song. A story that will adventure you to a never-ending stream of thoughts that will teach everyone a valuable lesson about true relationships. It will also work if we begin to acknowledge the flaws and accept the facts.
Director and Editor Praneet Wanve expressed his views and said, "It was an inspiring story. Challenging yet intriguing to film. Our team's time with Aaryamaan and his father "Maharaj", sir has expanded my view and conscience as a person, and I hope it does similar to the viewers. I feel fortunate to be a small part of their journey! "

Prayes (Maharaj) said, "Having a solid perspective as a parent of a specially challenged child is a difficult task and duty. Still, I believe that one should accept reality and strive to find positivity in any situation. Also, I had the idea of having a song videographed on us in the style of a father-son pair fun music video."
"So, one fine day... After researching, I found Bawa Gang Studios and approached Nikit and Abhishek for a father-son video song for our memories. However, the team noticed something out of the ordinary and convinced me to shoot a film on "Autism Awareness Documentary" and wanted me to be the VOICE for many specially challenged kids like Aaryamaan. Today, we are here with a fantastic visionary team who worked tirelessly for the documentary "I am his Voice", and I, as a non-actor, played a role with my son to create awareness about the unpredictable life experiences that many parents are dealing with and coping with their exceptional children. I am his Voice will begin streaming live on I am His Voice Official YouTube Channel: from April 14. Will Request the World to watch the Autism Awareness Documentary Film, he concluded..."
'I am His Voice', a documentary film, has special situational music that transports us into the pleasant world of a kid. Producer: Mother of Nature (Mom), Conceptualised by Nikit Holkar and Abhishek Badhe, the film's Executive Producers, which was directed and edited by Praneet Wanve, with background music by Sharang Jaiswal (js sounds), the theme song by Vishwas, colourist by Suraj Dande, production assistant by Aaron Sebastian, still by Sarvesh More, and poetry and translation by Kaustubh Madhukar Hile.
For more understanding, follow us @iamhisvoice on the Instagram official page. Also, can Like Subscribe "I am His Voice" YouTube Channel.
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