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Lavish Choudhary, Social Entrepreneur and Award Winning Prime Broker
Lavish Choudhary, Social Entrepreneur and Award Winning Prime Broker

Award-winning Social Entrepreneur Lavish Choudhary launches Realty Company

ANI | Updated: Oct 21, 2022 13:36 IST

New Delhi [India], October 21 (ANI/NewsVoir): Social entrepreneur & CEO of an award-winning Prime Broker, Lavish Choudhary is ready to explore the Indian realty market with the launch of his new company.
His plan is to explore the residential and commercial aspects of property development with a keen focus in Tier I and II cities and towns.
Having successfully organised the Rajasthan Kabaddi League quite recently, Lavish has bigger plans for the aspiring athletes of India. He plans to organise a national level Kabaddi League soon, wherein he dreams of having teams from across the nation participating for the final honours.
This development is in line with his continual youth-centric focus - Lavish envisions the youth of the nation having their fate in their own hands by becoming entrepreneurs through trading, self-earners and self-made people, dependent on no one else.

Lavish Choudhary says, "The youth is the future of the nation and my focus has always been on this population. By being actively involved in sports, the youth can rise up to be strong, upstanding citizens of the country besides learning to look at themselves with pride and the spirit of sportspeople spirit. That's my aim with having started the Rajasthan Kabaddi League and that's exactly what it will be with a National Kabaddi League soon. I am eternally grateful to the government for its appreciation of my dreams and actions, and their support in this regard."
Lavish is extremely conscious of the need for self employment in the nation. "Only when the youth and all the people of our country are assured of a basic livelihood, can they think big. Hence, I became a professional trader and marketer in the first place - to lead by example that this vision of mine is a reality and can be pursued by anyone who is ready to study the basics of trading. And I am so proud that thousands of our youth and citizens of the nation have turned entrepreneurs, with the skills of trading, I impart to anyone interested in the same. And now I want to get into the field of realty - be it residential or commercial - in the Tier I and II towns and cities to try and solve the issue of insufficient quality and affordable housing and offices. I want to see my nation rise up and stand with her head held high in any regard that I can - and I will keep working till I do just that."
In other news, Lavish also won a Best Prime Broker award recently at the Dubai International Trading Expo. With Dubai being the new hub of business, networking and entertainment, this Expo is a much anticipated event and this award is an important one in the trading circles. That's what makes this win even dearer to Lavish and he looks forward to winning more such accolades in the future.
Lavish Choudhary is a social entrepreneur and award-winning prime broker. Recently he was awarded in Dubai with the 'best Prime Broker award' at Dubai International Trading Expo.
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