Aakash Patel
Aakash Patel

Atul Projects Director, Aakash Patel fortifies that real estate sector will bounce back

ANI | Updated: May 18, 2021 14:46 IST

New Delhi [India], May 18 (ANI/ThePRTree): Director of Atul Projects, Aakash Patel had taken up initiatives to offer virtual tours of properties that might be interesting to prospective real estate customers.
Engaging in a conversation, he revealed that they have taken requisite steps to ensure that prospective real estate customers have a comfortable and safe experience while looking for a suitable home. Atul Projects offer them complete assistance all the time and not just during the pandemic.
Considering that the realty market has several buyers, Atul Projects have residential buildings in their inventory, and also includes commercial and social projects like schools and retail offices, etc. These projects have longer timelines and aren't impeded by short-term aspects like a partial lockdown or emergencies. These projects are a buffer against short-term losses.

Talking about what problems the industry faced during the lockdown period, Aakash Patel said, "It is true that some establishments have faced problems. The entire face of markets has changed. But then, the real estate market has faced all problems in the past and come out on top. It surely would be a task for the realty business to bounce back with prospective customers facing financial issues. We got the ball racing with prospective customers and several such activities. Of course, buying a property is a long drawn process, and people take their time before deciding and going ahead with the buying process but we are ready for all of it."
Builders like them have been in the market for over forty years. They have seen most of the ups and downs. This industry is one of the most resilient ones, all over the world. Customers do not need to worry about whether any money they have put in any project has gone to waste. After all, when all this dies down, the basics of survival will remain - food, clothes, and accommodation.
Aakash Patel also said, "Even during the lockdown, the initial idea was that business will be on as usual for the first few weeks. With the people at large understanding that this is for the long run, they started planning their life around the lockdown, and so did businesses. Atul Projects will come through. Rest assured."
It looks like Atul Projects is pretty positive about the turnabout of the realty market. That is a piece of good news for the city of Mumbai.
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