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Team Apoorvaa - Credit Repair Lawyer of India at Blindwink's India Excellence Awards 2022
Team Apoorvaa - Credit Repair Lawyer of India at Blindwink's India Excellence Awards 2022

Apoorvaa - Credit Repair Lawyer of India is on a mission to create credit awareness, make people credit healthy & help banks reduce their NPA

ANI | Updated: Dec 28, 2022 18:36 IST

New Delhi [India], December 28 (ANI/SRV): To walk an extra mile, Apoorvaa - Credit Repair Lawyer of India has made 2022 stupendous year with launch of two books, "The Indian Credit Reporting System" and "Improove Your Credit Health."
The main objective behind launch of The Indian Credit Reporting System and Improove Your Credit Health is to provide accurate and genuine information to all those looking to mend their credit, want to analyze credit reports and improve their credit score. Because the refraining attitude towards credit report analysis and periodical checking leads to incorrect data, inaccurate data or identity theft popping out from one's credit report and ignoring all these not only keep one away from taking credit cards or loans but also toll on one's reputation.
These books are concise in comprehensible language aiming to provide hand-on knowledge on basics of credit, credit reporting system, credit score, credit report, credit analysis, dealing with credit repair, credit rebuilding and credit repair business in depth.
"People can access every tiny detail of credit repair. Thus, we have launched two books, The Indian Credit Reporting System and Improove Your Credit Health. Our motive is always to support customers, banks, and society because financial health is significant not only for people, but also for the economy of the country. With every new step, we ensure to tackle credit repair issues in a more advanced way", said Apurva Bhagat - Founder & President Apoorvaa - Credit Repair Lawyer of India.
When anyone is surrounded by misconceptions and myths, one can no longer access the right information and always stay in dilemma. Being in Credit Repair for more than 15 years, Apoorvaa Foundation - Credit Repair Lawyer of India knows better how people and financial professionals are lack of awareness or required knowledge on credit repair.
Downfall of one's credit score and negative issues in credit reports fuelled by many reasons. Process of fixing and tackling all these issues/reasons is called a credit repair. The reasons could be anything from late repayment to missing payment, but these can hurt your credit score and make it difficult for you to get a new credit.
Over time, the Apoorvaa has become more adept at earning customers' faith in its brand. Trusted by its customers, it has expanded throughout the country in India. Customers' willingness to use the Apoorvaa as a reference for credit repair demonstrates established credibility of the organization. The Apoorvaa's forward thinking has left an indelible impression on customers since it helps people and businesses establishing good credit.
An advocate of knowledge sharing, Apoorvaa - Credit Repair Lawyer of India has started creating awareness in the form of Credit Awareness Seminars for the general public and bankers since its inception. To educate and empower people in financial education,

Apurva Bhagat - Founder & President Apoorvaa - Credit Repair Lawyer of India has conducted more than 600 seminars. Due to the 2020 pandemic, they have switched to webinar and continued their mission to empower people. But this year, the credit awareness seminar restarted. Additionally, they have launched a banker's helpline to address queries of bankers.
There are several ways in which the organization's efforts have benefited society, including resolving NPA problems at financial institutions, improving consumers' credit standing, and helping MSME to extend their financial requirements by tackling their CIBIL Rank issues. Divya Bhaskar newspaper has recognized these efforts. They have started featuring their articles to provide credit repair knowledge.
Apoorvaa - Credit Repair Lawyer of India, a novel service provider, is accelerating day-by-day to fulfill its mission to build a credit healthy nation with tireless efforts and hard work. To applaud these efforts, Blindwink has selected the entire team for India Excellence Awards 2022 under stewardship of Apurva Bhagat. The award ceremony was organized on 06th November 2022 at Taj Bangalore.

Awards are reinforcing tools to anyone or any company for motivation that have a direct impact on enhanced performance, productivity and commitment to keep going with their phenomenal work. It is an ode to keep going in 2023 for the entire team of Apoorvaa. Before closing 2022, Apoorvaa - Credit Repair Lawyer of India has one more breakthrough to nominate for National Legal Excellence Award 2022. It will be organized in 2023 by Assocham. The awards and nominations demonstrate that the Apoorvaa - Credit Repair Lawyer of India has earned the confidence of its target market and established a strong presence in the eyes of credit repair customers.
With a vision to provide credit repair services in PAN India, Apoorvaa - Credit Repair Lawyer of India made its presence in 108 branches in 90 cities of 21 states. Apurva Bhagat has a clear vision on growth projection in the market. With his vast experience in finance, taxation, project financing and retail sector, he believes that credit score and credit rank have a significant role while applying for any form of credit. He further added that lack of awareness makes credit journeys more difficult, but he ensured that his team works on every possible measure to spread credit repair awareness.
To know more visit http://www.apoorvaa.co.in
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