Learn with Medugare Institute of Management and Technology
Learn with Medugare Institute of Management and Technology

An institute dedicated to providing higher education to the underprivileged, Medugare Institute of Management and Technology

ANI | Updated: Mar 24, 2021 12:44 IST

New Delhi [India], March 24 (ANI/SRV Media): The world of education is ever-evolving to fit into the dynamics of the fast-changing learning environment and the Medugare Institute of Management and Technology aims at matching the requirements with its new courses and learning programs in India.
With the aim of providing quality distance education to less fortunate students, the Institute was set up in 2010 in Calicut, Kerala to further the vision of providing educational consultancy and guidance for students wanting to study abroad. The institute has spread its areas of concern in the decade and is introducing new programs every day in order to educate more students and work towards a literate India.
The Institute understands the vision and dreams of their students and introduced their B-Tech credit transfer program which is one of a kind facility in the nation. Along with various Management and Technological courses like a Bachelors's and a PG in Engineering, the credit transfer program has worked wonders.
This made way for the provision for students to transfer from one university to another in the same course to finish their education. With the credit transfer program, any student with any reason to change can apply to a different university, fulfill required eligibility criteria, submit a nominal fee, and easily get admission, in a different city without wasting any time.
The B-Tech credit transfer facility by the Medugare Institute is a tool to prevent students from dropping out of the university for various issues. It also gives an opportunity to students with lesser grades or failed results to finish their education by transferring into a lower grade requirement university.
On one hand, where the credit facility provides aid to the students to finish their education, it also provides a chance for better-performing students to absorb different environments in universities with better faculty and education standards.

B-Tech credit transfer is easily available in the state of Kerala in Calicut and its surrounding districts like Malappuram, Wayanad, Kannur, Thrissur, and Palakkad. According to the Institute, the most important requirement for a credit transfer is the completion of about 50 per cent of the course in the previous or ongoing university.

If a student has completed 50 per cent of their course from any UGC-approved university and has a copy of their transcripts or results, they can apply for the credit transfer facility. Additionally, the students require their secondary education and higher secondary education results and certificates along with their Aadhar Card. Provided all the documents are in place, students are eligible to apply to any UGC-approved university for a credit transfer.
Medugare Institute also has a very simplified process for credit transfer for fast and efficient work. All a student needs to do is check his eligibility and have the above documents ready. After contacting the institute, students will be assisted with the process of selecting a university and connecting with them till the student restarts their education in a new university.
Medugare Institute and its services like B-Tech credit transfer is an aid to the vision of educating every citizen. Through programs like these, the institute solves problems of various students who drop out of university due to lack of resources, distance from their hometowns, grades, and other common reasons. The institute's goals are visionary and will stand as a revolution in the Indian education system.
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