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Alee Club 24th Miss and Mr Teen India 2022 - Directed by Rampguru Sambita Bose opens up with Gala Celebrations with its finalists
Alee Club 24th Miss and Mr Teen India 2022 - Directed by Rampguru Sambita Bose opens up with Gala Celebrations with its finalists

Alee Club 24th Miss and Mr Teen India 2022 - Directed by Rampguru Sambita Bose opens up with Gala Celebrations with its finalists

ANI | Updated: Aug 16, 2022 17:53 IST

New Delhi [India], August 16 (ANI/GPRC): Alee Club 24th Miss and Mr Teen India 2022 always comes with auditions all over the country. After several rounds of auditions, the final selected finalist list gets published.
The names of the finalists are:
1) Abhirna Dash, 15yrs from Bhubaneswar
2) Pragati Arora, 15yrs from Chandigarh
3) Annesha Sengupta, 19yrs from Delhi
4) Rifkah Dasgupta, 16yrs from Mumbai
5)Pari Prajapati,16yrs from Ahmedabad
6) Shalini Kumari, 17yrs from Patna
7) Purba Deb, 14yrs from Kolkata
8) Niharika Singh, 14yrs from Delhi
9) Jahnavi, 15yrs from Patna
10) Ishitta Arora Kashyap, 15yrs from Chandigarh
11) Protusha P Manna, 15yrs from Mumbai
12) Kalpana Prajapati, 15yrs from Delhi
13) Meghana S Karigar, 16yrs from Bangalore
14) Nilanjana Chowdhury, 15yrs from Kolkata
15) Vanshika Gupta, 16yrs from Delhi
16) Khushi Acharya, 15yrs from Ahmedabad
17) Priti Singh, 19yrs from Jharkhand
18) Jiya, 18yrs from Hisar, Haryana
19) Gunjan Gupta, 17yrs from Delhi
20) Shubhangi Gupta, 13yrs from Patna
21) Bhumi Tiwari, 16yrs from Delhi
22) Ishita Chauhan, 16yrs from Vadodara Gujarat
23) Kanan Preet, 15yrs from Delhi
24) )Sapna, 17yrs from Ranchi
25) Nilakshi, 16yrs from Chandigarh
26) Harshika, 16yrs from Ranchi
27) Rajni Singh, 14yrs from Jaipur
28) Sudarshana, 14yrs from Jaipur
29) Eiram Ahmed, 16yrs from Pune
30) Navya Bharti, 16yrs from Samastipur (Bihar)
31) Shital Simran, 17yrs from Ranchi
32) Prisha Kumari, 16yrs from Ranchi
33) Jhanvi Vyas, 17yrs from Bhilwara(Rajasthan)
34) RadhikaLodha, 16yrs from Jaipur
35) Siya Saluja, 16yrs from Panipat (Haryana)
36) Alisha Chaudhary, 15yrs from Delhi
37) Vani Gera, 15yrs from Kapurthala (Punjab)
38) Kajal Jain, 18yrs from Hyderabad
39) Jiya Nitin Patil, 15yrs from Pune

40) Diya Nitin Patil, 13yrs from Pune
41) Sachi Chandu Jiwane, 17yrs from Chandrapur (Maharashtra)
42) Revati Chourase, 17yrs from Nagpur (Madhya Pradesh)
43) Priti Biswas, 14yrs from Kolkata
44) Sanskritii Sahay, 14yrs from JhumriTelaiya(Jharkhand)
45) Chetali, 13yrs from Delhi
46) Soumya Goel, 17yrs from Delhi
47) Shriya Ghosh, 15yrs from Kolkata
48) Laxmi Priya Bhusal, 14yrs from Odisha
49) Siri Chaitra Veludandi, 16yrs from Hyderabad
50) A Vaishali, 18yrs from Telangana (Hyderabad)
51) Sneha Milind, 17yrs from Badlapur (Mumbai)
52) AnuKumari, 18yrs from Ranchi
53) Siddharth Khoda, 16 from Ahmedabad
54) Dheeren Pathania, 19 from Bangalore
55) Neil Patel, 13 from Vadodara
56) Kanish, 15 from Hisar road Sirsa Haryana
57) Aman Verma, 19 from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
58) Yadav Himanshu, 18 from Ahmedabad
59) Ishaan Rayou, 16 from Delhi
60) Vimal Singh, 14 from Jodhpur (Jaipur)
61) Sumit Raj, 16 from Ranchi
62) Abhay Kumar Rajak, 17 from Patna
63) Pratik Pandey, 16 from Motihari (Bihar)
64) Aman Lalit Sengara, 17 from Rajkot (Gujarat)
65) Prem Malviya, 15 from Indore
66) Sarthak Nakrani, 19 from Surat (Gujarat)
67) Prakash Sharma, 17 from Bhilwara (Rajasthan)
68) Tuttu Kashyap, 18 from Muzaffarpur (Bihar)
69) Haris Bin Mussarat, 17 from Jammu
70) Paras Soni, 18 from Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh)
71) Mayank, 17 from New Delhi
72) Hemnt Raw, 18 from Rajasthan
The participants need to be a part of a specific training program before showing their talent in the auditions. The participants have already arrived in the Palm Green resorts where all of them would get the privilege to get trained by the renowned and most loved personality, Sambita Bose, who is also recognized and tagged as the Ramp Guru. Sambita Bose has engraved an ideal position in the acting and modelling world with her exceptional and impeccable skills.
The participants have to do the strenuous 9 days of training that would bring a remarkable and life-changing attitude and personality in all participants. According to Sambita Bose, the training would bring a positive impact on the life of every teenager (participants) and would help folks to survive various obstacles coming their way while the folks paving their way towards success.
The most impressive thing about the all-in-one 9 days training program is that all the boys and girls would be treated equally without any kind of discrimination. Alee Club 24th Miss and Mr Teen India 2022 was introduced in 1997, especially to bring a unique and authentic touch to the beauty pageant concept. The main aim of the popular event is to improve the qualities, characteristics, and personalities of boys and girls so that they can conquer the glamour world. The Alee Club 24th Miss and Mr Teen India 2022 would help teenagers excel in the beauty world with the right skills and talent.
The Grand Finale of the 24th season of Alee Club Miss and Mr Teen India 2022 will be conducted on 21st August 2022 at an unrivalled and peerless five-star hotel named Hotel Seven Seas in Delhi. The event would be blessed and judged by the most admired celebrities like Tusshar Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor, Pooja Banerjee, Ayub Khan, Shahbaaz Khan, RampguruSambita Bose, and many more. The much-awaited and loved event is all set to shower various opportunities for all teenagers. The contest will not only help teenagers to achieve heights and success but would make the teenagers live their dreams without effort. The contest can be taken as a big opportunity or platform for all the beginners in the beauty and glamour world.
No doubt! The Limca Book Record Holder Alee Club Miss and Mr Teen India is the most admired and oldest event and contest for teenagers. The events or contest has maintained their honor and value for more than 24 years now. The events will allow all the potential participants to show their talents and get the title and trophy home. The best one will win the hearts of people and crown for their whole life. Alee Club Miss and Mr Teen India is ready to find the most talented and potential person in India for the glamour world.
For updates, you can follow them on Instagram @teenindia and www.aleeclub.net
And watch their reality series on www.youtube.com/thesilverscreens
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