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Team Aiotize
Team Aiotize

Aiotize, a deep-technology startup, starts its pre-seed round

ANI | Updated: Jun 14, 2022 18:06 IST

New Delhi [India], June 14 (ANI/SRV): Aiotize, a premier Deep-Technology startup, has opened its pre-seed round and received the investments">first set of investments in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It has already received 1.25 cr in investments. The brand's one and only vision is to revolutionize the scope of artificial intelligence & UAV/Drone in the Indian industrial landscape and become the ultimate epicentre of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.
By utilizing advanced drone technology, Aiotize enables business organizations in the retail, defence, healthcare, and logistic sector to focus on health, safety, environment, security, and inspection to make work and production environments more efficient, dependable, safe, and versatile with minimum job site disruption.
The artificial intelligence and drone market is estimated to be worth $300 billion by 2025. AI models are ever-evolving in themselves until no scope for improvement exists. AI's increasing role in a vast array of industries to drive down business costs, enhance safety solutions and increase accuracy has resulted in it becoming a desirable investment choice for investors across the globe.
The new investor that has taken an interest in Aiotize is based out of the UAE, and brings along with them, veterans of the industry who have extensive knowledge and experience in the tech sector. The investor promises to share their extensive experience and skill sets pertaining to the fields of financing, portfolio management and mergers and acquisitions to help Aiotize grow by leaps and bounds.
When it comes to investment, the investor further says, "I've been keeping a close eye on how the enterprise B2B drone market is developing in India and throughout the world. We were pleased by the team's strong subject expertise and their embrace of the drone's paradigm to drive growth. Their dedication to their customers has earned them a slew of high-profile clients, which speaks volumes. We hope to work with Aiotize to scale bigger heights and achieve a leading position in its chosen niche."
Shivansh Sethi, the Founder and Creator of Aiotize said, "We are happy to be working with investors and look forward to a fruitful collaboration based on their vast experience and knowledge. This investment could not have come at a better time for the Aiotize team, who is presently scaling their hybrid VTOL drone-based solutions."

Shivansh Sethi is an IoT specialist from UC San Diego and before starting Aiotize worked as a business analyst in Capgemini and HCL technologies. He firmly believes that this is the era of AI and businesses in the retail, healthcare and transport sector should unconditionally start adopting early artificial intelligence solutions in their business to avoid technical debt in the future.
The continuously expanding IT service sector of India, the broad base of engineering services and the highly innovative field of drone-based services are the key markets that Aiotize's team is currently tapping into. The tech company is making high-end modern devices that enable aerial surveillance, reinforce security measures and empower deep surveying.
The start of Aiotize's drone development efforts took place in the early 2020s. Over the next two years, the company gradually deployed its sophisticated product suite involving its piece of art AI engine - Cognixa that captures live video and imagery from different sources such as HD cameras, drones, robots, and mobile devices. Cognixa's powerful engine is able to process such video imagery to analyze and deliver constructive business inputs that help in reducing costs and increasing profits.

Aiotize also brings in its suite an advanced piece of tech named IOX which is a business intelligence technology that enables cloud-connected commercial drones to be deployed on a large scale. The drones are completely automated and can fly over vast areas to procure necessary information that is fed straight to cloud storage. The drones can operate in challenging environments as they are embedded with several crucial pieces of software, in order to help them withstand tough terrains.
The proceeds from this seed round will be used to enhance Aiotize's technologies and bring in experienced staff members who will add value and expertise to the corporation. The future of the company lies in expanding the company's base across India - primarily Chandigarh and Bengaluru, and thereafter the team soon intends to announce its Canada base in the coming times for its healthy and continuous expansion.
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