Nitin Vijay, Founder of MyBizKiid
Nitin Vijay, Founder of MyBizKiid

A Kota-based start-up that is changing the way children think about business

ANI | Updated: Sep 24, 2021 15:52 IST

New Delhi [India], September 24 (ANI/SRV Media): In today's fast-growing world, everyone needs to be really quick at learning, making decisions, and be wise. Nobody gets time to train themselves for different challenges, we all need to be versatile.
What if your child gets an opportunity of being exposed to entrepreneurship at a younger age. The management of time and resources does not necessarily require experience, it can be learned, and what a brilliant idea to learn that ahead of time.
A recent start-up in Kota city, 'MyBizKid', initiated by a self-made entrepreneur Nitin Vijay, is the first time ever Business Leadership course for kids of the age group of 8-16. Imparting entrepreneurial know-how along with developing leadership traits is the motto of this start-up.
MBK aims at building calm heads and clear minds that can make their way through the noise and address the heart of the issue. The Founder and Managing Director of Motion Education- Nitin Vijay believes every little piece of knowledge a child attains must be applied in his/her life and that ability or skill to actually solve practical problems is what a program like MyBizKid will develop in the children.
Nitin Vijay, Founder of MyBizKiid says, "We at MyBizKid teach young entrepreneurs to accept failure with grace and move on with the learned lessons. This is the key lesson that needs to be taught right from a young age. In fact, they are more capable of learning than adults because they have fewer mental barriers to tear down in order to develop them. Skills that your kid will learn with MyBizKid are Establishing Economic Impact, Founding and Structuring Business, Source of Job Creation, Ignite Participation to Grow Communities, Grip on Market Awareness, Financial Literacy, Problem Decoding Abilities, Multi-Dimensional Working, Advance Use of Technology, Leadership and Management, Test Drive to New-Aged Careers and Proficiency in Branding and Marketing. These business skills will surely help your children to lead a successful life. "

Benefits of Entrepreneurship-focused Education
There are several reasons for which one should not restrict the creative mind of a child to the pages of primary knowledge. The doors of this entrepreneurship learning program are not confined to just the know-how of starting up a business, it brings out a lot of changes in the little champs. The ability to solve real-life problems, knowledge about the market, financial instruments, and management of funds has paved the way towards financial literacy and a valuable place in society for brilliant young leaders.
The program is successfully running across the country and has shaped the personalities of kids in an outstanding way. The teaching methodology of story-telling has proved simple yet engaging.
This unique program will definitely bring a change to the young generation and take innovation in the corporate world to the next level.
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