7 tips to advance your preparation for ISC Board Exams(Class 12th)
7 tips to advance your preparation for ISC Board Exams(Class 12th)

7 tips to advance your preparation for ISC Board Exams(Class 12th)

ANI | Updated: Oct 08, 2021 19:03 IST

New Delhi [India], October 8 (ANI/Oswaal Books): Students start facing a lot of nervousness when they see the board exams approaching. Similar is the case with ISC board students.
What can you do?
#Challenging yourself
#Understanding the syllabus
#Filling the Loopholes
#Time Management
And there's much more that you can do.
Let's walk through it.
1. Challenge yourself
In the board exams, the competition with your peers but with yourself. You need to be a better version of yourself.
And for that to happen, you need to keep a track of your previous performance. With every passing day try to beat your previous performance.
Consider this, keep a tab of your previous marks and when you are preparing for the coming term exams then try to defeat yourself.
Try to score more in the coming exams by analysing the mistakes of the past.
This will not only help in improving your score but will ultimately boost up your confidence in your preparation.
2. Be particular about your syllabus
Many students try to cover up everything that comes their way.
This is not a good strategy for your preparation, experts say that.
Instead, you should stick to the syllabus that is designated for your board exams. For this time as the exams are going to happen in semester fashion so the syllabus is already reduced and it is MCQ-based.
Also, you can't take any risk to leave any topic while preparing for the ISC board exams. Being thorough with every topic of the syllabus will help you perform in a better fashion for your board exams.
Lastly, always make sure that you are following the latest and updated version of the syllabus to avoid any last-minute panics.
3. Work on your weak areas
Poke yourself constantly with questions such as "Where am I lacking in my preparation"or "What I can do better?" or "Where I lacked last time?" then it'll give you an insight of your loopholes to easily fill them up.
While preparing for the board exams, never neglect your previous mistakes.
If you have solved some sample paper and were stuck somewhere, then try to find an answer and clarity about that topic.
This will not only help you to work on your weak areas but will also make your concepts clear.
4. Manage your time effectively
While you are preparing for your board exams you must know how to manage your time well.

Sometimes, you will find such situations that you know everything in the exam but you were unable to complete the exam in time.
This is just because you didn't practice time management. Try Oswaal Sample Papers to get an idea of how you can manage your time effectively.
Try to attempt those questions in the first place that are easy for you. And then only spend a good amount of time on hard questions.
Keep in mind that you should not stick to one question for more than 1-2 minutes in MCQ based exam.
5. Practice is the key to success
The more you practice the closer you come to your goal.
When you have completed one chapter or one section then try to solve its questions without any help. If you can solve those questions then you are good to go for the next topic.
Solve sample question papers and previous year papers to get an enhanced idea about the exam and how to work better.
By solving these papers, you will get an idea of what sort of questions are being asked in the board exam.
You will even get the idea of important topics by solving sample question papers.
6. Take care of your health
No doubt preparing for the board exams takes a lot of perseverance and hard work. But, neglecting your health in this preparation journey won't land you anywhere.
Don't compromise on your sleep and eating habits while preparation. Take breaks at proper intervals while you are studying.
Make sure that you eat healthy food and take sound sleep of 7-8 hours while you are preparing. This will not only keep you fit but will also help you stay more focused while studying.
If you keep on having self-doubt then you can land yourself in more trouble.
7. Don't study something new at the last moment
Once you are done with the preparation in the last few days it's time to revise those concepts.
Don't start studying something new in those last moments. If you do so then you will only create problems for yourself and you won't have faith in your preparation.
Go through the notes that you have prepared for the last day's revision. Or check out the sample papers or other tests that you have taken previously.
Check out your mistakes so that you don't repeat them in the exam. This will help you benefit from your exam rather than studying something new at the last moment.
Final Thoughts
When you are preparing for the ISC board exams then these tips will act as a blessing in disguise for you.
If you follow these tips regularly then you can easily score good marks in your board exams. And in addition to these tips, your hard work and dedication towards your preparation should be consistent.

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