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6 NCERT Biology Hacks to Score 360/360 in NEET UG 2022 | Score 360 In Biology
6 NCERT Biology Hacks to Score 360/360 in NEET UG 2022 | Score 360 In Biology

6 NCERT Biology Hacks to Score 360/360 in NEET UG 2022 | Score 360 In Biology

ANI | Updated: Mar 09, 2022 16:57 IST

New Delhi [India], March 9 (ANI/Oswaal Books): Like in mathematics, 360 degree is a complete trip around the edge of a circle.
For medical aspirants 360 refers to a complete mastery in biology.
Biology is a subject of precision and omnicompetence.
It requires a deep understanding of every topic, every diagram, weird names and challenges your ability to focus your concentration like a microscope. We know that for medical aspirants the NEET exam 2022 is the gateway to their dream.
NEET asks 180 questions with a total of 720 marks, where Physics and Chemistry have 45 questions each while Biology carries 90 questions totaling 360 marks, which is half of all. Hence, Biology holds the key to score the highest marks. And yes, it is possible to secure the perfect 360. As it has been achieved in the past, and it is very much achievable by you too.
Let's introduce you with the most crucial yet uncommon fact among medical aspirants. NEET preparation for Biology does not require any other guide or book. NCERT is enough and is considered as the medical aspirant's bible.
But the NCERT's Biology book is not a two-page document. It is lengthy, deceptive, descriptive and may seem incomprehensible at first. For that we are here to help you with these 6 hacks to approach the NCERT textbook to score the perfect 360.
Hack 1: Time planned is time utilized
It's not about who knows how much, it is about the race against time. Since NEET is MCQs based exam time management skills are put to test, from the day you start preparation. You have to make a schedule that will suit you best.
Keeping in mind that a good schedule should have these fundamental properties:
* It should be able to dictate the start and end of a study session with ample space for breaks of rejuvenation and rest.
* A schedule should divide the time according to the number of chapters and the priority they hold.
* How much time you will require for a chapter to complete should also be kept in mind.
Hack 2: Learning right
Refer only those video lectures or notes which teaches line to line of NCERT textbook. Do not go haywire during the learning phase as that will only distract and derail you from the right path of preparation.
Hack 3: Learning is incomplete without reading
After listening to the lecture, the next step is to take the textbook and read it line by line yourself and list all your doubts.
* Start making your notes covering all the important points.
* Make a notebook of examples in the textbook as they are the most repeated and important question that comes in NEET.
* In NEET exam diagrams often lose some details because of black and white print which may lead to confusion. So, print all the diagrams in Black and white for preparation.
* Human Physiology, Genetics are important sections. Do focus on them often.
* Do not forget to study the "summary" section provided at the end of each chapter.
Hack 4: Clear your doubt as soon it pops out

Remember you made a list of doubts now is the time to clear them before they trouble you further, for that go back to your NCERT based learning material, all the video lectures or notes that were referred earlier.
Experts believe that solving previous year papers works best to crack NEET exam in first attempt! Read to know why?
Hack 5: Practice makes the man perfect
You will only be able to retain all that you have read when you practice it. So,
* Solve NCERT chapter exercises and examples.
* Solve as much of previous year questions papers as possible.
* Master MCQs with at least one objective based textbook
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Hack 6: Revise and Test
Go through all the text underlined by you, all the written examples of NCERT, your short notes before you set out for the test. If a need arises read the whole chapter again. This will boost your memory before the test. Now, appear in any good online test series and solve the test within the time limit. After the test, carefully analyze your concept learning.
Biology is a challenging subject but in your endeavor of securing a perfect score of 360 in NEET. Keep things simple and consistent and repeat these hacks. We hope you find your perfect score and your dream college.
Good luck!
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