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5 women entrepreneurs who made a mark in male dominated sectors

ANI | Updated: Mar 08, 2018 21:51 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar.8 (ANI): Gone are the days when women were considered submissive and no match for the all powerful male. With the power to voice their concerns, the new generation of women across the world, have overcome all negative notions and made a mark for themselves.

India too has its own pool of such bold and fearless women who have broken all stereotypes, in the most intricate and cumbersome world of entrepreneurship.

Here's saluting the courage of five women entrepreneurs, this International Women's Day:

1. Neha Bagaria, founder and CEO, JobsForHer

Neha Bagaria is an entrepreneur at heart, a Wharton graduate, a wife, a mother-of-two and a woman who restarted her career, thus founding JobsForHer. Neha founded JobsForHer to reverse female brain drain from within the Indian workforce.

JobsForHer.com is an online portal to enable women to restart their careers post marriage and/or motherhood. Neha took a 3.6-year break in her own career when she had her children. During this personal journey, she became aware of the various difficulties a woman faces in order to re-enter the workforce.

She then became committed to the cause of enabling women to restart their careers and founded JobsForHer.com on International Women's Day, 2015.

2. Shiivani Aggarwal, COO, Formula Group

A part of the company's journey since its inception, Shiivani Aggarwal has been associated with Formula Group for the past 15 years and currently serves as its COO. She has helped in building the organisational infrastructure and developing business processes from scratch, and possesses an in-depth knowledge of each service and vertical in the company.

Shiivani is a certified Global Mobility Specialist who has experience of over a decade and a half in the fields of travel and fleet services, sales and business development, and mobility services. It is this extensive domain expertise that played a vital role in driving Formula Group's long-term growth and success, and led to her appointment as the company's COO in 2015.

Being a part of a pre dominantly male conquered profession, she has excelled in the field and made her stand significant. She has proved that if you believe in yourself and your dreams nothing is impossible.

3. Shaifali Holani, EasyFix

Shaifali Holani founded EasyFix at the young age of 25 after struggling for a month to fix the electricity problems in her newly rented house. She started EasyFix - to solve the problem of available handy workmen.

Home repairs and maintenance is a notoriously difficult industry, and moreover, is dominated by men. "Unusual business for a girl to be doing" is the first remark she invariably hears on introducing herself to strangers. However, for those who know Shaifali, it's not that unusual.

Shaifali is a hard-charging entrepreneur with two missions - to improve the quality of life of people by improving their home maintenance experiences, and to improve the quality of life of her technicians by providing them opportunities for higher income, and also the ability to grow personally and professionally by adding technical skills and improving soft skills.

4. Purba Kalita, co-founder, Salebhai

Purba Kalita is the co-founder of Salebhai.com, an e-commerce marketplace that enables people to order a range of specialities directly from their hometowns and discover regional specialities from across India.

Besides her primary responsibility of handling the company's communication, content development, and PR activity, she also manages the business development team, helping them sift through hundreds of thousands of products to handpick one-of-a-kind offerings that best define a region's speciality and its migrant communities' needs.

5. Neetu Bhatia, CEO, KyaZoonga

Neetu Bhatia is the co-founder and CEO of Kyazoonga. An investment banker turned entrepreneur, Neetu is credited with creating the professional entertainment and sports ticketing market in India.

Prior to co-founding Kyazoonga, she was a senior media and telecom investment banker on Wall Street.

A national level cricketer, Neetu says sports has helped her in her entrepreneurial journey and helped her to build her skill set including leadership, and taking people along.

Being a women, venturing into sports ticketing and entertainment sector proved to be successful for Neetu as she introduced the alien concept of an online ticketing service in India, and people did embrace it at the same time. (ANI)