FB FastCool AC's contain 7 separate filters and diffusers for removing all inorganic (PM 0.3-2.5 dust particles) and infusing air with pleasant aroma and Vitamin C.
FB FastCool AC's contain 7 separate filters and diffusers for removing all inorganic (PM 0.3-2.5 dust particles) and infusing air with pleasant aroma and Vitamin C.

Breathe healthier, live healthier with the IFB FastCool Air Conditioner

ANI | Updated: May 20, 2021 10:50 IST

New Delhi [India], May 20 (ANI/Mediawire): Did you know that air pollution is the fourth leading cause of deaths in India? According to a Lancet Planetary Health report, 1.7 million Indians died in 2019 due to air pollution, both from indoor and outdoor sources.
The toll in India was 18 per cent of the total deaths in the country, claimed the report released on December 21, 2020.
While outdoor air pollution is more visible and widely discussed, indoor air pollution is mostly overlooked.
We feel safe in our homes, not realizing that the air is more hazardous in closed-door environments. The fact is that indoor air is 2 - 5 times more polluted than outdoor air! Household Odors and Gases (Cooking odors, pet smells, cigarette smoke, chemicals, sink or drain smells, etc.), Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs (Paints, glues, varnish, cleaning supplies, wood preservatives, office equipment, furniture, etc.), Micro-organisms (Bacteria, mould, fungi, yeasts, mites, etc) and Airborne Particles (Diesel exhaust, carbon black, dust, smoke, fibers, plant matter, hair, pollen, etc.) all contribute to deteriorating the air quality in closed spaces.
Of these, Particulate Matter (PM) is a pollutant of special concern. According to the WHO, millions in India are inhaling lethal air, which is 10 times or more over the prescribed safe limit of PM 2.5. Many studies have demonstrated a direct relationship between exposure to PM and negative health impacts. Smaller particles (PM 2.5 or smaller) are generally more dangerous because they can reach deep into the small airways of the body and deposit on the alveoli - the tiny sacs in the lungs where oxygen exchanges with carbon dioxide in the blood.
For aged parents, especially those suffering from pulmonary conditions such as asthma, clean air is almost a medical need. For babies and young children - it's healthier living and more so when much of our life is now being spent indoors.
Air-conditioned rooms are known to cause dehydration of nasal and oesophageal membranes making it dry and susceptible to dust, pollen, spore related allergies, bacterial or viral infections due to high level of pollutants in indoor air.
Also, studies have shown that purified indoor air can work wonders for one's sleep routine and greatly affects how the body repairs and rejuvenates at night, making an individual fit for the next day.
These findings, along with trends that pollution levels are unlikely to reduce drastically in the future, induced IFB to research, innovate and design an air conditioner that could not only cool air but also "treat" it. The IFB R&D team set out with a benchmark of PM 0.3, and invented IFB FastCool - The Zero-Compromise AC, an air conditioner that radically improves indoor air quality in a multi-dimensional manner with 7-Stage Air Treatment.

FB FastCool AC's contain 7 separate filters and diffusers for removing all inorganic (PM 0.3-2.5 dust particles) and organic pollutants, noxious gases and infusing air with pleasant aroma and Vitamin C. IFB FastCool's unique 7-Stage Air Treatment cleans indoor air, making it:
Dust free:
* Dust filter prevents allergies by capturing dust and other airborne particles.
* PM 0.3 filter removes air pollutants as small as 0.3 micron
Germ & odor free:

* Anti-bacterial filter removes bacteria and allergens from the air.
* Activated carbon filter absorbs smoke, gases, chemicals and other dust particles.
* Catechin filter removes unpleasant smell to keep the air odor free
* Vitamin C diffuser adds natural antioxidants to improve air quality.
* Aroma diffusers (with an option to choose from Floral Harmony / Ocean Fresh) infuse a pleasant scent in the air.
IFB FastCool AC is the Zero compromise AC. With the IFB Fastcool AC's fast cooling and 7-stage air treatment that cleans air, you never have to compromise again. Starting today!
* Uncompromise on Air Quality with 7-stage air treatment
* Uncompromise on Cooling comfort with fast cooling
* Uncompromise on peace of mind with quality, service and savings

To breathe in a good night's sleep, bring home the IFB Fast Cool AC today. Available at IFB Point and all leading electronics stores.
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