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Boosting immunity with Glutathione - Exploring multiple benefits of this wonder molecule

ANI | Updated: Aug 19, 2020 11:44 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] Aug 19 (ANI/BusinessWire India): #IndiaKiImmuneNiti, a social initiative by Adroit Biomed Limited, aims at strengthening India's immunity by urging every citizen of India to understand the importance of boosting immunity.
Envisioned to become a center of excellence, Adroit Biomed, gives scientists and medical professionals a platform to exchange ideas, discuss, debate, and put forth their observations and research-based explorations on the Immunity boosting potential of Glutathione, the wonder molecule.
In a recently concluded webinar conducted to unravel the efficacy of Glutathione, there were several interesting aspects discussed by the most coveted national and international doctors' & researchers' panel.
The panelists included Dr John Richie (Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Penn State Cancer Institute, USA), Dr Sadhana Sathaye (Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Institute of Chemical Technology), Dr Farida Modi (Medical Director, Dermacare Skin Aesthetics and Laser Centre) and Dr Girish C Rajadhyaksha from TN Medical College among others.
Suresh Prabhu, member of Rajya Sabha and India's Sherpa to the G20 inaugurated, this campaign, which is pitted as a tireless effort by Adroit Biomed, towards ensuring India's immune health.
Each of these distinguished guests provided in numerous medicinal benefits of Glutathione. Be it for enhancing immunity, reducing aging, therapeutic uses; controlling diabetes; anti-cancer; geriatric (glutathione being researched and used) among others.
It is for this that the demand for the same has been increasing steadily. Glutathione is one such nutraceutical that is making rapid growth and has been termed as a master antioxidant with numerous benefits.
Amongst its several uses, Glutathione is being used for treating a number of stress-related and life-threatening diseases. "A condition of increased oxidant exposure is known as oxidative stress. It occurs when oxidant exposure exceeds antioxidant defenses. Glutathione (GSH) is a multifunctional and ubiquitous molecule that works as an antioxidant, and also has numerous functions such as redox regulation, DNA repair, immune function, and detoxifying xenobiotic and drugs. GSH depletion is common with aging, smoking, consumption of alcohol, improper diet, and other diseases and oral GSH supplementation may be an effective means for enhancing GSH and thus, protecting against oxidative stress-related diseases. Active GSH primes white cells such as natural killer and T cells, your body's front-line infection fighters. GSH-enhanced T cells are able to produce more infection-fighting substances," said Dr John Richie on the role of Glutathione for the same.

"The role of glutathione in your bodily function cannot be understated. Healthy levels of glutathione possess some potent health benefits including, neuroprotective, hepatoprotective, and anti-aging properties. Glutathione helps your immune system to stay strong and ready to fight infections," added Dr Sadhana Sathaye, who researched extensively on degenerative disorders, oxidative stress, Alzheimer's, and diabetic diseases.
Additionally, Glutathione is being extensively used as a skin-enhancing and anti-aging agent. If not concerned directly with wrinkles but many are seeking flawless, youthful skin. Science says that glutathione is an effective answer.
"Glutathione not only decreases the melanin in your skin, but it has also been found to decrease wrinkles and increase skin elasticity. Glutathione works on the skin pigment production by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in making melanin. Also, Glutathione is great at fighting chronic inflammation," mentioned Dr Farida Modi eminent skin specialist, another panelist. Thereby reinforcing its skin rejuvenating benefits. Based on her clinical experience, Dr Modi said that Glutathione supplementations are generally tolerated.
Among the other eminent panelists was also, Dr Rajadhyaksha, who has been on the war front throughout this pandemic, emphasized on the immunity aspects. "Many health problems appear due to weak immunity and especially in geriatric patients, it is a critical issue. Many diseases such as HIV, cancer, diabetes etc also increase the oxidative stress and weaken the immune system, and hence correcting the immune system is very important for fighting against infections," he said.
The session was moderated by Dr Anish Desai, MD (Director- Strategic Medical Affair at Adroit Biomed Ltd). The use of Glutathione can certainly be seen by all, and its popularity can only be expected to be further enhanced over time. So be it for enhancing immunity, reducing melanin in skin Glutathione is seemingly effective.
The nutraceuticals market alone is estimated to double its share to USD 18 billion in India by 2025. But when these figures were estimated by researchers, the pandemic of COVD19, of course, was not taken into consideration.
The virus, in fact, has increased the awareness of having a strong immunity manifold, not only among the classes but also the masses.
"The relentless effort to examine the efficacy of Glutathione globally in other areas of prophylactic and therapeutic will boost the sales, mature the market, and make the Indian healthcare system absorb it. It would be therefore easy to say that in the recent COVID scenario and in the post COVID era when health immunity would be paramount, the preventive healthcare overall and consumption of health immunity supplements specifically, would be further triggered. I can safely say by another 10-15 per cent to an already growing market. Our endeavor #IndiaKiImmuneNiti is one such step to make Indian consumers aware of a host of innovative solutions available to ensure strong immune health," said Sushant Raorane (Co-Founder-Director Adroit Biomed Ltd) on the market growth of Glutathione.
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