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BHIS Noida Principal - Ms. Sharmila Chatterjee
BHIS Noida Principal - Ms. Sharmila Chatterjee

Billabong High International School hosts science fest 2019 - Matrix

ANI | Updated: Feb 19, 2019 11:37 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 19 (ANI): Living by the vision of a curriculum to develop scientific temperament in learners Billabong High International School, Noida celebrated its Annual extravaganza of the Science Exhibition and Club Culmination on the theme MATRIX which gave the learners a platform to showcase their skills and talents.
As we know, a healthy mind, body and soul is the key to success. One of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations is ‘Health and Well-Being’ and was showcased by the school on 8th February & 9th February 2019.
The event was an exciting explorative adventure full of surprises. Each grade & club had a theme to present with experiments like Kan Lab; E-Nirmaya; Empowered by Innovation; Astronomy, Virtual World; Biggest Wealth is good Health; Prepare, Learn, Share, it’s time to inspire; Break through your; Ceraspin - Pitcher Perfect and more.
While all the learners put up wonderful presentations of their learning and skills, the exhibits on Fire Extinguishers; 3D Printers; Water Siren Robot; Soil Erosion the games on various programming languages and the robotic creations of the learners were show stoppers.
Kangaroo Kids learners of pre-primary also showcased their hands-on knowledge of the environment, healthy foods and living, First In Math; Stop Drug Abuse ‘Choose LIFE Not Tobacco’ a Nukkad Natak on Healthy Lifestyle; Human Face of Foods with enthusiasm and won hearts with their vivacious confidence. The Nukkad Natak presented by the children stole the show.
The objective of various displayed exhibits was to identify the means for sustainable development and to spread the awareness among public for the same. The event was a window to imprint the theory learning into the young minds with engaging experiences and application of higher order thinking skills.
The exhibition aimed to inspire students to think, connect and learn using knowledge, tools, technology & curricula of literacy to develop higher order thinking skills. Every learner tried his/her level best to imbibe every aspect which encompassed all the measures to make a better future for the upcoming generation.
Below are the list of brands that also participated in the event:
Health Bowl Bistro
FLIP the food truck
Temptation - Homemade Chocolates
The Culinary Lab
Pop Chai Bubble Tea
Dr. Sameer Gupta, Cardiologist from www.voiceofhealth.in. This story is provided by NewsVoir. (ANI)