Benjamin Genocchio
Benjamin Genocchio

Benjamin Genocchio and what he brought to the Armory Show

ANI | Updated: Feb 06, 2020 14:42 IST

New Delhi [India] Feb 6 (ANI/Digpu): Benjamin Genocchio directed the Armory Show back in 2017 and changed the way this show was looked at. For the unaware, Armory Show is an international art fair in New York City which was established back in 1994.
Despite not being from an art fair background, the committee believed Benjamin Genocchio could do justice to the role of being an Armory Show director. The major reasoning behind that was the fact that he had lived and worked in New York for almost 20 years of his life.
That led to him having an intimate knowledge of an art fair in general. Additionally, he understood the parameters of success behind an art show, especially in this competitive world art fairs are now happening in all the major continents quite frequently.
The journey was going to be a difficult one for Benjamin Genocchio, no doubt about that, but it was a challenge he was willing to take. The kind of challenge that can make one equal part scared, nervous, yet excited. More importantly, the title of being the director of the best art fair in the world is nothing short of great honor.
The Armory Show has been New York's oldest, largest, and most established art fair. That in itself says a ton about the global reach of the show since New York is certainly the cultural hub of the world.
Artists, curators, and enthusiasts from all over the world come in March every year to witness this esteemed art fair. The eyes of everyone in the art world are on the Armory Show during that time period. It is undoubtedly, a lot of pressure, even for someone with the kind of work experience Benjamin Genocchio has.
He recognized the fact that for the success of the show, they had to accept the regionalization of the market. The art market is not what it used to be 20 or even ten years ago.
There has been a proliferation of galleries and art fairs at a global level and regionalisation has been a natural next step. Luckily, New York remains the world's most important regional market to this day. It is the capital of the contemporary art market.
This fact is what made people flock to the Armory Show directed by Benjamin Genocchio. Thousands of people around the world traveled to see the fair in all its glory. It is an exceptionally significant fair for the galleries of the world. It creates a strong sense of community in the collectors and art enthusiasts alike.
The Armory Show has a legacy attached to it that is very hard to live up to. Every person in the art world, including the enthusiasts and even the students, wait for it to come around each year in March.
There are certain expectations attached to it and they are only increasing with each passing year. Amongst all of this hoopla, Benjamin Genocchio successfully managed to make the show a success.
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