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Facebook adds new features to iPhone app 'Paper'   Apr 19, 12:38 pm
Washington, Apr 19 (ANI): The social networking giant has added new features like birthday and event reminders and photo comments to its two month old iPhone app called Paper.
LinkedIn's user base crosses 300 million mark  Apr 19, 12:29 pm
Washington, Apr 19 (ANI): The business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn's user base has reportedly risen above 300 million people across over 200 countries.
Zuckerberg admits to ideas where Facebook got it wrong   Apr 17, 1:30 pm
Washington, Apr. 17 (ANI): Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has for the first time spoken abut the social networking site's failures and achievements in recent years.
Demi Lovato asks fans to reply hate tweets with love after being called 'fatty'  Apr 17, 11:40 am
Washington, Apr.17 (ANI): Demi Lovato recently reverted back with a response on Twitter after someone called her "fatty" on the social networking site, where she encouraged her followers to fight back at bullies with love.
Hristo Stoitchkov unintentionally reveals porn habit during Twitter debate with trolls  Apr 9, 1:11 pm
London, Apr. 09 (ANI): Football legend Hristo Stoitchkov reportedly ended up revealing his porn habit as he tried to get the better of Twitter trolls after some disgruntled fans posted tweets on the social networking site against some comments he made while working as a pundit on Spanish TV.
Facebook stocks drop after Oculus Rift acquisition announcement  Mar 26, 11:39 am
Washington, Mar. 26 (ANI): Facebook's stock price reportedly dropped in after-hours trading after the social networking giant announced its latest acquisition of visual reality startup Oculus Rift.
Twitter investigating bug that's causing tweets to disappear  Mar 26, 10:56 am
Washington, Mar. 26 (ANI): Twitter is trying to find out the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of tweets from the social networking site.
Beware! Your boss might be watching what you post on social media  Mar 21, 3:58 pm
Melbourne, March 21 (ANI): Do you express your hatred towards your boss on social networking sites? If yes, then you should stop it right away before you lose your job.
WSJ editor Liz Heron quits job to join Facebook's news wing  Mar 13, 12:30 pm
Washington, Mar. 13 (ANI): A Wall Street Journal editor, Liz Heron, has reportedly quit her current position to take up a role at social networking giant Facebook aimed to better connect the site with media organizations.
Khloe Kardashian posts topless video   Mar 7, 12:07 pm
London, March 7 (ANI): Khloe Kardashian has gone topless in her first racy video posted on social networking site Vine.
Facebook to restrict under-18 users from accessing posts related to firearms  Mar 6, 1:41 pm
London, Mar. 06 (ANI): World's biggest social networking site Facebook will reportedly restrict under 18 users to access posts related to sale of guns and other regulated items under mounting pressure from lobbying groups.
Interaction over Facebook different from conversing face-to-face: Study   Mar 5, 11:22 am
Washington, March 5 (ANI): Meeting virtual friends from Facebook in real life and interacting with them face-to face is apparently not the same as chatting with them over the social network site, a study has revealed.
WSJ accuses Facebook of exposing teens to 'questionable ads'  Mar 1, 10:38 am
Washington, Mar.01 (ANI): The Wall Street Journal has reportedly pointed out that social networking giant Facebook is exposing teens to 'questionable ads.'
Length of social-media messages proportional to public events: Study  Feb 27, 3:16 pm
Washington, Feb. 27 (ANI): A new study published by researchers in MIIT's Senseable City Lab has revealed that the length of social-media messages grows shorter on social networking websites during major public events.
Blocking unwanted members now possible on LinkedIn  Feb 22, 2:32 pm
Washington, Feb. 22 (ANI): Social networking site LinkedIn has announced a new feature, which enables users to block unwanted members from their profiles.
Local UK councils urge Facebook, Twitter to warn against NekNominations  Feb 22, 12:03 pm
London, Feb. 22 (ANI): Local UK councils have reportedly urged social networking giants to warn people against NekNominations and persuade them to not participate in the absurd and viral bets.
Why Facebook invested $19bn in WhatsApp  Feb 20, 9:29 am
Washington, Feb. 20 (ANI): Social networking giant Facebook has reportedly acquired messaging application WhatsApp for a deal priced at a whopping 19 billion dollars.
Facebook faces biggest challenge of retaining users  Feb 17, 2:11 pm
New York, Feb. 17 (ANI): With the social networking giant, Facebook, recently turning a decade old, its need to work harder to retain as well as engage more audience has become all the more crucial.
Mobile more important to Twitter than Facebook  Feb 12, 11:02 am
Washington, Feb. 12 (ANI): Usage of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook reportedly depends on mobile experience, with smartphones working more in favour of the microblogging site than the latter.
Facebook to review family memorials post Dad's plea for 'Look Back' video of dead son  Feb 7, 10:49 am
London, Feb. 07 (ANI): A dad's plea to watch Facebook's 'Look Back' video of his deceased son got immense support and prompted the social networking giant to review how families can remember their loved ones through the site.
Why George Clooney refuses to join Twitter  Feb 6, 10:17 am
Washington, Feb 6 (ANI): George Clooney has revealed that he will never join the social networking site Twitter because he likes to drink at night.
Facebok becoming more popular with adults than teens: Survey  Feb 5, 4:40 pm
Washington, Feb. 05 (ANI): As Facebook turned 10, Pew researchers took the opportunity to find out the type of users the social networking giant has seen in the last decade making it what it is today.
Facebook founder Zuckerberg says 'best still to come' on 10th anniversary   Feb 5, 1:14 pm
Johannesburg, Feb. 05 (ANI): Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, celebrating the social networking giant's decade long 'amazing' journey, has reportedly said that the 'best is still to come'.
Facebook celebrates 10th birthday with personalized 'Look Back' videos  Feb 5, 11:43 am
Washington, Feb. 05 (ANI): Marking its 10th birthday, social networking site Facebook reportedly provided its loyal users with a personalized video summary of their life so far on the site.
Sports, TV personalities throng Twitter to express surprise, anger over Pietersen's sacking  Feb 5, 9:00 am
Sydney, Feb 5 (ANI): Sports and TV personalities across the world have thronged social networking site Twitter over the England and Wales Cricket Board's (ECB) decision to end controversial batsman Kevin Pietersen's international career after axing him from the squads for the West Indies ODIs and the World Twenty20.