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New 3-D map of nearby supernova remnant reveals its 'bubbly interior'  Jan 30, 11:39 am
Washington, Jan. 30 (ANI): Astronomers have recently created a 3-D map of nearby supernova remnant with the help of the astronomical equivalent of a CAT scan, which revealed that it has a "bubbly interior."
Astronomers discover oldest known star with 5 Earth-like planets  Jan 28, 2:04 pm
Melbourne, Jan 28 (ANI): Astronomers have recently observed a star that is 11.2 billion years old and has at least five Earth-size planets.
This Sun-like star's rings are 200 times larger than Saturn's   Jan 27, 1:14 pm
Washington, Jan 27 (ANI): Astronomers have recently revealed that gigantic ring system around J1407b is much larger and heavier than Saturn's ring system.
Supermassive black hole spotted choking while eating star  Jan 27, 1:14 pm
Washington, Jan 27 (ANI): Astronomers have recently revealed that they have probably witnessed a supermassive black hole chocking while eating up a star.
Mysterious `cosmic radio burst` captured in real-time for first time ever  Jan 20, 11:17 am
Washington, Jan 20 (ANI): Australia astronomers have, for the first time, captured cosmic radio burst in real-time by using CSIRO's 64-m Parkes radio telescope.
Here's your chance to name exoplanets, host stars  Jan 14, 3:02 pm
London, Jan. 14 (ANI): Astronomers from the International Astronomical Union (IAU) has recently organized a worldwide contest to give popular names to selected exoplanets along with their host stars.
Newly developed map reveals mysterious molecules that affect starlight in Earth's galaxy  Jan 11, 12:25 pm
Washington, Jan. 11 (ANI): Astronomers have recently developed a new map of mysterious molecules in Earth's galaxy that has provided a deeper insight into a century-old puzzle.
Scientists find two Earth-like habitable exoplanets in 'Goldilocks' zone  Jan 7, 10:23 am
Washington, Jan 7 (ANI): Astronomers have revealed that they have found eight new planets in the "Goldilocks" zone of their stars, orbiting at a distance where liquid water can exist on the planet's surface, including two that are the most similar to Earth of any known exoplanets to date.
Astronomers create simulation of universe with realistic galaxies  Dec 30, 1:53 pm
Washington, Dec. 30 (ANI): An international team of astronomers have recently created a simulation of the universe with realistic galaxies, it has been reported.
Milky Way's new tiny, isolated dwarf neighbour galaxy found   Dec 23, 10:20 am
London, Dec. 23 (ANI): Astronomers have recently spotted a new neighbor for Milky Way galaxy, a tiny and isolated dwarf galaxy almost 7 million light years away
Cassini sheds new light on Europa's atmosphere  Dec 19, 10:45 am
Washington, Dec 19 (ANI): Astronomers have revealed that analysis of NASA's Cassini spacecraft's data collected during its 2001 flyby of Jupiter sheds new light on the atmosphere of the planet's moon Europa.
'Perfect storm' turbulence squelching star formation found around supermassive Black Hole  Dec 18, 1:01 pm
Washington, Dec. 18 (ANI): Astronomers have recently detected a "perfect storm" turbulence that was crushing star formation around a supermassive Black Hole by using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).
Astronomers on an endeavor to find stretched-out 'exotic' exoplanets   Dec 16, 12:15 pm
London, Dec. 16 (ANI): Astronomers may soon be able to find exoplanets that are stretched out by the gravity of the stars they orbit.
Astronomers spot dusty hallmarks of Pluto-size objects swarming around young Sun-like star  Dec 12, 5:35 pm
Washington, Dec. 12 (ANI): Astronomers were recently able to spot dusty hallmarks of Pluto-size objects swarming around young Sun-like star by using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).
Spiral arms of molecular gas, dust identified around 'baby twin' stars  Dec 10, 2:39 pm
Washington, Dec. 10 (ANI): The astronomers have recently observed the spiral arms of gas and dust as a nursery of Twin Stars around "baby twin" stars, binary protostars.
Astronomers reveal dramatic 'blow out' phase of galactic evolution for first time ever  Dec 7, 12:52 pm
London, Dec. 07 (ANI): Astronomers were recently able to reveal the dramatic "blow out" phase of galactic evolution for the first time, it has been reported.
Intense heat may have made 'mirage earth' exoplanets uninhabitable  Dec 4, 1:57 pm
Washington, Dec. 04 (ANI): A new study has revealed that "mirage earth" exoplanets, planets orbiting close to low-mass stars, might have lost chance at hosting life long ago due to intense heat during their formative years.
Atomic hydrogen gas identified in far-off galaxies at 'record-breaking' distances  Dec 4, 1:06 pm
London, Dec. 04 (ANI): Astronomers were recently able to detect atomic hydrogen gas emission in galaxies which are 3 billion light years away from Earth and it broke the previous record distance which was 500 million light years.
Newly found galaxy may provide insight into how galaxies developed in early Universe   Dec 3, 2:46 pm
Washington, Dec. 03 (ANI): Astronomers have recently found a significant new example of a very rare type of galaxy that might provide imperative insight on how galaxies were developed in the early Universe.
First ground-based telescope detection of super-earth transit may help sense future small exoplanets  Dec 2, 10:02 am
Washington, Dec. 02 (ANI): Astronomers were recently able to detect super-earth transit through a ground-based telescope for the first time ever, which have paved way for remote sensing of future small exoplanets.
Gas cloud G2 in galactic center may be part of extensive gas streamer   Nov 25, 1:06 pm
London, Nov 25 (ANI): The astronomers have recently discovered that the orbit of gas cloud G2 in galactic center matches that of another gas cloud detected a decade ago, which might mean that it is part of a much more extensive gas streamer.
Astronomers observe possible black hole booted 2,600 light-years from host galaxy  Nov 20, 1:13 pm
Washington, Nov 20 (ANI): Astronomers have recently discovered a mysterious object, which appears to be a possible black hole that has been booted 2,600 light-years from its host galaxy's core.
NASA's Hubble finds young galaxies on track to becoming `red and dead`  Nov 14, 2:33 pm
Washington, Nov 14 (ANI): Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory have uncovered young, massive and compact galaxies that are dying earlier than expected.
Intergalactic `wind` strips cluster galaxies of star-forming gas   Nov 14, 2:33 pm
Washington, Nov 14 (ANI): A team of astronomers have provided the first direct evidence that an intergalactic "wind" is stripping galaxies of star-forming gas as they fall into clusters of galaxies.
Extreme storms flare up on Uranus for first time ever  Nov 13, 11:13 am
Washington, Nov 13 (ANI): Astronomers have recently observed extreme storms on Uranus, with enormous cloud systems so bright that the details in the planet's hazy blue-green atmosphere can clearly be seen.