Picking perfect names gets tricky for twins

   May 27, 6:42 pm

Melbourne, May 27 (ANI): Most parents apparently find it twice as hard to zero in on the perfect names for their twins.

If the latest list of top baby names for twins is anything to go by, it indicates that mums and dads usually go with matching monikers, which start with the same letter.

Every one of the top 10 boy and girl combinations followed this trend.

For girls the most popular names are Olivia and Sophia, while Daniel and David won out for boys, reported the News.com.au.

While traditional names still dominated the list there were a few surprises, with the sixth most common girl combination being Heaven and Nevaeh, which is heaven actually spelt backwards.

Lisa Atkinson, mother of five-month-old Matilda and Emily claimed that when it came to deciding on the names for her girls she wanted to buck the trend and not fall into the matching name trap.

"I didn't want the girls names to rhyme or sound the same. I wanted them to have individual names that just went well together," Atkinson said.

"I always knew if I had a girl I was going to name her Matilda, because I loved how cheeky it sounded. For us it was just a matter of choosing another name which sounded good with it," she said.

The list was produced by the US Social Security Administration for 2011, however there is no similar list kept in Australia.

Yet, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that William has ranked number one for the third year running as the most popular boy name in 2011. (ANI)

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