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Tom Daley was thrilled to meet his first 'ladyboy' during 'orgy' in Thailand  Apr 9, 12:45 pm
London, April 9 (ANI): Tom Daley has revealed that while he was travelling in Thailand for a new TV show, he met his first 'ladyboy' and he was thrilled about it.
World Bank trims growth forecast for China, East Asia  Apr 8, 11:12 am
London, Apr. 8 (ANI): The World Bank has slightly cut its 2014 growth forecast for China and East Asia.
Thailand's 'Red Shirts' warn of 'civil war' if PM Shinawatra ousted   Apr 6, 11:16 am
London, Apr. 6 (ANI): Thailand's pro-government movement leaders have warned that any attempts to oust Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra would lead to a civil war.
300 objects spotted by Thai satellite point to potential MH370 debris  Mar 28, 10:34 am
Sydney, Mar. 28 (ANI): A latest set of images from Thai satellites reportedly point to potential debris in the southern Indian Ocean belonging to the missing Malaysia Airline passenger jet.
Search area shifted after Flight MH370 found traveling 'faster than estimated'  Mar 28, 10:06 am
Washington, Mar. 28 (ANI): The search area for the missing Malaysia Airline passenger jet in the southern Indian Ocean has been reportedly shifted after analysts pointed that the plane was travelling faster than previously estimated.
Thai court annuls general election  Mar 22, 3:06 pm
London, March 22 (ANI): In wake of on-going anti-government protests, Thailand's constitutional court has reportedly annulled the 2 February general elections.
Cyber thieves implanting PCs with malware to steal financial data: Study  Mar 20, 4:31 pm
Johannesburg, March 20 (ANI): Cyber thieves are reportedly implanting PCs with deliberate malware, a new study has revealed.
Thailand failed to share missing Malaysian plane's radar data  Mar 19, 12:09 pm
Sydney, Mar. 19 (ANI): Thailand reportedly detected the missing plane in its radar, but failed to give information about it.
Missing Malaysian jet continued to send signals hours after mysterious disappearance  Mar 14, 9:51 am
Washington, Mar. 14 (ANI): A latest lead in the week-long search for the missing Malaysian Airline passenger jet has reportedly pointed that the Flight MH370 continued to send signals for several hours after getting off radar.
Oil rig worker claims he saw missing Malaysian jet 'burst into flames'  Mar 13, 10:18 am
Sydney, Mar. 13 (ANI): In what comes as a shocking revelation, an oil rig worker has reportedly claimed that he saw the missing Malaysian Airline passenger jet burst into flames on the same morning the plane went off radar.
Netizens turning to satellite imaging site to locate missing Malaysian jet  Mar 12, 10:16 am
Washington, Mar. 12 (ANI): Netizens have reportedly taken to satellite imagery crowdsourcing platform to help locate the missing Malaysian Airline MH370.
NEC to provide next-generation POS terminals to 7-Eleven stores in Thailand  Mar 3, 3:33 pm
Tokyo, Mar 3 (ANI): NEC Corporation has received an order via NEC Corporation (Thailand), a wholly owned subsidiary, from CP ALL Public Company Limited (CP ALL), a Bangkok-based operator of 7-Eleven stores, Thailand's largest chain of convenience stores, for the latest space-saving and integrated all in one POS terminals.
Thailand Princess calls on President Mukherjee   Feb 28, 12:56 pm
New Delhi, Feb 28 (ANI): Thailand Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn called on President Pranab Mukherjee here at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Eric Clapton cancels Bangkok gig amidst civil unrest  Feb 27, 5:55 pm
Washington, Feb. 27(ANI): Eric Clapton has canceled his Bangkok gig due to the civil unrest in the Thai capital.
Michelle Rodriguez posts nude snap of self meditating  Feb 27, 4:15 pm
Wellington, Feb 27 (ANI): Michelle Rodriguez, who is rumored to be dating supermodel Cara Delevingne, recently took to Instagram to share a picture of herself mediating in the buff.
Thai army chief warns country may 'collapse' in wake of mounting violence  Feb 25, 1:32 pm
Washington, Feb. 25 (ANI): Following a spurt in violent attacks in recent days that killed three children, the army chief of Thailand has reportedly warned that the country may risk "collapse" if it failed to control the rising violence.
Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra refutes corruption claims  Feb 21, 11:06 am
London, Feb. 21 (ANI): Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has reportedly issued a statement refuting charges of corruption leveled against her in connection with her role in a controversial rice purchase scheme.
12 out of 15 top data using countries are on Android: Analysis  Feb 19, 1:26 pm
Washington, Feb. 19 (ANI): Android is reportedly emerging as the originating platform for app data generation with 12 out of top 15 data generators using Android devices, according to analysts.
Violinist Vanessa Mae debuting as skier for Thailand in Sochi Olympics   Feb 18, 1:13 pm
London, Feb 18 (ANI): A Singaporean-born British violinist is reportedly making her debut in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi as a skier and is representing Thailand in the women's giant slalom.
26 couples break Guinness record for `world`s longest hug`  Feb 15, 12:00 pm
London, February 15 (ANI): 26 couples from Thailand have set the Guinnes record for the world's longest hug, by lasting for a staggering 26 hours, 26 minutes and 26 seconds.
Far East`s rainforests shaped by humans for the last 11,000 years  Jan 25, 9:45 am
Washington, Jan. 25 (ANI): Researchers have shown that the tropical forests of South East Asia have been shaped by humans for the last 11,000 years.
China sees sharp fall in tourism in 2013   Jan 13, 3:44 pm
Beijing, Jan. 13 (ANI): An unexpected sharp drop was seen in inbound tourism in China in 2013.
Serena defeated by 'injury-battling' Azarenka in Thai exhibition match  Dec 29, 9:29 am
Johannesburg, Dec 29 (ANI): World number one Serena Williams has been defeated 7-5, 6-3 by the second-seeded Victoria Azarenka, who battled back from an injury-plagued season, in the Thailand exhibition match on Saturday
Azarenka says battling to be fit to face Serena in Thai exhibition match  Dec 28, 9:56 am
Johannesburg, Dec 28 (ANI): Women tennis' world number two Victoria Azarenka has said that she is battling to get her fitness back on track after a disappointing 2013 as she prepared to face world number one Serena Williams in an exhibition match in Thailand.
Thai govt rejects call to delay elections after clashes  Dec 27, 10:34 am
Johannesburg, Dec. 27 (ANI): The Thailand Government has rejected calls by the election commission to postpone February elections.