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Self-rating of health can predict common cold  Nov 10, 2:16 pm
Washington D.C., Nov. 10 (ANI): A new study has revealed that a simple self-rating of health accurately predicts susceptibility to the common cold in healthy adults aged 18-55 years.
Millions of debit and credit cards prone to getting hacked by malware  Aug 27, 2:45 pm
Washington, Aug 27 (ANI): A malware that had infected Target's cashiering system late last year is back in the news once again, leading to the susceptibility of millions of credit and debit cards getting hacked on a larger scale.
Male health linked to testosterone exposure in womb  Apr 23, 9:38 am
Washington, April 23 (ANI): Men's susceptibility to serious health conditions may be influenced by low exposure to testosterone in the womb, a new research has suggested.
Breast cancer gene offers protection against obesity, diabetes  Mar 13, 11:46 am
Washington, March 13 (ANI): Researchers have found that a gene known to be associated with breast cancer susceptibility, BRCA 1, plays a critical role in fat storage, insulin response and mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle cells.
Hereditary genes linked to increased cancer risk from alcohol  Jan 26, 10:16 am
Washington, Jan. 26 (ANI): A new study has shown that people carrying certain mutations in two hereditary cancer genes, BRCA2 and PALB2, may have a higher than usual susceptibility to DNA damage caused by a byproduct of alcohol, called acetaldehyde.
New gene study brings arthritis drug closer to reality  Dec 26, 11:44 am
Washington, Dec. 26 (ANI): A team of researchers has discovered new genes, pathways and cell types that are involved in inherited susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis (RA).
New discovery can accelerate body's response to infection, autoimmune disorders  Nov 8, 4:58 pm
Washington, Nov 08 (ANI): A new study has revealed that disrupting the light-dark cycle of mice increases their susceptibility to inflammatory disease, indicating that the production of a key immune cell is controlled by the body's circadian clock.
Poorer kids likelier to catch colds  Nov 2, 12:05 pm
Washington, Nov. 2 (ANI): Researchers have found a link between lower socioeconomic status during childhood and adolescence and the length of telomeres - protective cap-like protein complexes at the end of chromosomes, which ultimately affects the susceptibility to colds in middle-aged adults.
Human yawning becomes contagious for chimps with age  Oct 17, 3:54 pm
Washington, Oct 17 (ANI): A new study has revealed that as sanctuary-kept chimpanzees grow from infant to juvenile, they develop increased susceptibility to human yawn contagion, possibility due to their increasing ability to empathize.
Role of gene linked to asthma susceptibility unravelled   Sep 24, 12:01 pm
Washington, Sept. 24 (ANI): Researchers including an Indian-origin have uncovered the role that gene ORMDL3 plays in asthma susceptibility.
Rogers backs 'beleaguered' Watson to banish his 'head-falling' LBW demons  Jul 30, 3:48 pm
Sydney, July 30 (ANI): Australian batsman Shane Watson's opening partner Chris Rogers has indicated that the player could make life difficult for the England attack if he could overcome susceptibility towards being trapped leg before wicket.
Smoking increases susceptibility to alcohol abuse  Jul 19, 2:03 pm
Washington, July 19 (ANI): A new study has shown how smoking increases a person's vulnerability to alcohol abuse.
Saliva on chewing gum, strand of hair, can reveal your secrets  Jun 27, 2:59 pm
Washington, June 27 (ANI): If someone finds a piece of chewing gum you pitched today, he or she could use the saliva to sequence your DNA and read your book of life - including genetic secrets like your susceptibility to diseases.
Gene mutations linked to severe obesity   Jun 18, 3:52 pm
Washington, June 18 (ANI): Increasingly research is revealing that not only lifestyle factors, but genetics also play an important role in determining an individual's susceptibility to obesity.
Depression leads to heart disease and vice versa  Apr 22, 12:39 pm
Washington, April 22 (ANI): A researcher at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, has identified factors in the brain that distinguish susceptibility and resiliency to depression and heart disease comorbidity.
Maternal obesity ups risk of frequent wheezing in offspring  Mar 9, 11:30 am
Washington, March 9 (ANI): Women who are obese during pregnancy put their offspring at four times the risk to have frequent wheezing, a symptom associated with susceptibility to asthma during infancy that manifests as sharp, whistling sounds when breathing, a new study has warned.
Unhealthy snacks 'may affect cancer risk in patients with Lynch syndrome'  Dec 17, 2:06 pm
Washington, December 17 (ANI): Loading up on snack foods may increase cancer risk in individuals with an inborn susceptibility to colorectal and other cancers, researchers say.
Personal lubricants 'do not up HIV risk'   Nov 8, 10:43 am
Washington, Nov 8 (ANI): The use of certain water-based, over-the-counter personal lubricants can dry out and irritate vaginal and rectal tissue, but does not appear to increase susceptibility to HIV, a new study has revealed.
Prenatal testosterone levels can affect brain function and behaviour later in life  Nov 6, 4:59 pm
Washington, November 6 (ANI): Testosterone levels early in fetal development influence later sensitivity of brain regions related to reward processing and affect an individual's susceptibility to engage in behaviour, that in extremes, are related to several neuropsychiatric conditions that asymmetrically affect one sex more than the other, a new study has found.
8 new susceptibility loci for eczema identified  Oct 8, 3:33 pm
London, October 8 (ANI): In a new study, researchers have identified 8 new loci associated with susceptibility to atopic dermatitis in the Japanese population.
Coral reefs could be saved by improving water quality   Aug 20, 5:34 pm
London, August 20 (ANI): Researchers have found that an imbalance of nutrients in reef waters can increase the bleaching susceptibility of reef corals.
Listening to loud music doubles susceptibility to pot use, unsafe sex  May 22, 5:11 pm
Washington, May 22 (ANI): Teens and young adults who listen to digital music players with ear buds are almost twice as likely as non-listeners to smoke pot, a new study has revealed.
Air pollution and tuberculosis susceptibility 'may be connected'  Apr 15, 4:06 pm
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): In a new study, scientists have determined a possible link between exposure to a common component of urban air pollution and a change in the function of important immune cells that protect against the bacteria that cause tuberculosis.
Changes in gene expression may cause high blood pressure in pregnancy  Apr 14, 12:16 pm
Washington, April 14 (ANI): Researchers have discovered that changes in the gene expression of a key enzyme may contribute to high blood pressure and increase susceptibility to forming blood clots in pregnant women with preeclampsia.
New breast cancer susceptibility gene identified  Mar 30, 1:55 pm
Washington, Mar 30 (ANI): Mutations in a gene called XRCC2 may lead to increased breast cancer risk, according to a new study.