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Yoga may help in improving cardiovascular disease risk factors  Dec 17, 1:47 pm
Washington, Dec 17 (ANI): A new study has revealed yoga may help in managing and improving cardiovascular disease risk factors.
People who use cocaine, amphetamines at double suicide risk  Dec 17, 12:45 pm
Washington, Dec 17 (ANI): People who use cocaine and amphetamines face almost two-fold greater risk of suicidal behaviour between people who inject drugs.
Scar Jo unfazed by 'steamy' sex scenes  Dec 16, 12:25 pm
London, Dec 16 (ANI): Scarlett Johansson has said that steamy sex scenes do not faze her and she likes to shed her "inhibitions" for riskier roles.
Kids who skip meals likelier to face obesity, cardiometabolic risk  Dec 16, 12:17 pm
Washington, Dec 16 (ANI): Kids between the ages of 6 to 8 years who skip their meals face increased obesity and cardiometabolic risk, according to a new Finnish study.
Follow these 5 golden rules to slash risk of dementia  Dec 15, 1:35 pm
London, Dec 15 (ANI): Making 5 key lifestyle changes can help you slash risk of developing dementia by one-third, according to a news research.
Chronic lack of sleep, sleep-related breathing problems may double obesity risk in kids  Dec 14, 9:19 am
Washington, Dec 14 (ANI): A new study has revealed that sleep-related breathing problems and chronic lack of sleep may each double the risk of a child becoming obese by age 15.
Pak placed twelfth amongst countries facing extreme political risk   Dec 13, 3:21 pm
Islamabad, Dec 13 (ANI): A report on countries facing extreme political risks has placed Pakistan in the twelfth position in the list.
Dangerously low blood glucose levels in diabetics can be fatal for heart  Dec 13, 10:24 am
Washington, Dec 13 (ANI): A new study has confirmed an association between hypoglycaemia and an increased risk of cardiovascular events and mortality in insulin-treated patients with diabetes.
Sam Worthington says getting slugged is 'normal risk' for celeb photogs  Dec 12, 5:45 pm
New York, Dec 12 (ANI): Sam Worthington, who got sued for 10 million dollars for punching a New York paparazzo who was following him and his girlfriend Lara Bingle in Greenwich Village, has opined that paparazzi should expect punches.
UN envoy warns of IS camps in 'destabilized' Libya  Dec 12, 5:44 pm
Johannesburg, Dec 12 (ANI): A United Nations (UN) special envoy has warned of Islamic State (IS) camps in Libya and has said that many states face the risk of destabilization if the country's chaos is not contained quickly.
Dilip Kumar's Peshawar house at risk of collapse as he turns 92  Dec 12, 5:38 pm
Karachi, Dec 12 (ANI): Legendary superstar Yousuf Khan aka Dilip Kumar's ancestral house in Peshawar, which was declared a national heritage on July 13, 2013 by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, is at risk of collapse after two-storeys of the dilapidated property caved in.
Breastfeeding can reduce cancer risk in mother by up to one fifth  Dec 11, 4:05 pm
London, Dec 11 (ANI): A new research has revealed that breastfeeding can reduce the chance of the mother getting breast cancer by up to 20 per cent.
Sofia Vergara says 'stripping' is high-risk profession post beau's 'Magic Mike' injury  Dec 11, 3:05 pm
New York, Dec. 11 (ANI): Sofia Vergara has recently expressed that being a stripper is dangerous after her boyfriend, Joe Manganiello, injured himself while filming a stripping scene for the upcoming 'Magic Mike 2' movie.
Bulging bellies increase sudden heart attack death risk  Dec 11, 2:48 pm
Washington, Dec 11 (ANI): A new study has linked midriff bulge to heightened risk of sudden, often fatal, heart malfunction.
Hookah smoking may lead to cigarette addiction in teens  Dec 9, 12:18 pm
Washington, Dec 9 (ANI): A new study has revealed that Hookah smoking may increases the risk of cigarette smoking subsequently in adolescents.
Experts urge immediate action to counter growing risk of global nuclear war  Dec 8, 11:57 am
London, Dec 8 (ANI): Experts have warned that in order to counter the increasing risk of nuclear war, immediate action is needed to be taken.
Daily aspirin's benefits for women over 65 outweigh risks  Dec 6, 1:56 pm
London, Dec 6 (ANI): A new research has revealed that daily dose of aspirin protects women over 65 against the cancer despite the dangers of internal bleeding.
'Naked police' called in to keep check on steamy sauna shenanigans  Dec 5, 3:16 pm
London, Dec 5 (ANI): A "naked police" has been summoned by Austria's Linz Parkbad sauna authorities to keep a check on the guests, after they got several complaints against frisky naked couples having sweaty sauna sex.
Loss of Y chromosome behind male smokers' increased cancer risk  Dec 5, 2:40 pm
Washington, Dec 5 (ANI): A new study has revealed an association between smoking and loss of the Y chromosome in blood cells that increases the risk of developing cancer in males.
Anni's brother asks Shrien to tell what happened on night of her murder  Dec 4, 12:28 pm
London, Dec 04 (ANI): As honeymoon murder suspect, Shrien Dewani's trial faces the risk of collapse due to lack of evidence, Anni Dewani's brother, Anish Hindocha, has asked Dewani to explain himself and tell what happened on the night of Anni's murder.
Is British Bigfoot really lurking in Lincolnshire woodland?  Dec 3, 5:42 pm
London, Dec 3 (ANI): A Nottingham-based sasquatch enthusiast has captured a snap that appears to show a large figure lurking behind a tree in the Friskney nature reserve, Lincolnshire.
Women with disabilities are locked away, abused in India: HRW report  Dec 3, 12:18 pm
New Delhi, Dec.3 (ANI): Women and girls with disabilities in India are forced into mental hospitals and institutions, where they face unsanitary conditions, risk physical and sexual violence, and experience involuntary treatment, including electroshock therapy, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said today.
UN warns of 'Huge risk' of Ebola crisis spreading to other parts of world  Dec 1, 4:06 pm
London, Dec 01 (ANI): The head of the United Nations Ebola response mission in West Africa has said that there is a "huge risk" that the lethal virus could spread to other countries as well.
Pun No More: China bans wordplay to protect cultural heritage  Nov 29, 3:51 pm
London, Nov 29 (ANI): China has recently banned wordplay in attempt to control use of pun, as officials said casual alteration of idioms risks nothing less than "cultural and linguistic chaos."
Hack attack on Sony Pictures computers leave Jolie's, Cameron Diaz's information at risk  Nov 29, 12:53 pm
London, Nov 29 (ANI): As Sony pictures struggles to get its computer systems back after a hack last week, loads of sensitive data and documents including, the passports of celebrities like, Jonah Hill, Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie; a file apparently containing passwords for Twitter, accounting systems and the website; and Outlook email archives face the risk of being released by hackers.