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PM Modi to undertake three-nation tour of China, Mongolia, Korea  May 5, 9:57 am
New Delhi, May 5 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi will pay a three-nation official visit to China, Mongolia and Korea from May 14 to 19.
PM Narendra Modi makes blockbuster debut on Sina Weibo  May 4, 8:48 pm
New Delhi, May 4 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who launched his Weibo account earlier in the day, received a blockbuster welcome on the social media platform, with users across India and China appreciating the move.
Congress urges PM Modi to send strong message on border intrusions during China visit  May 4, 6:55 pm
New Delhi, May 4 (ANI): The Congress Party on Monday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to send a strong message to China on the People's Liberation Army's repeated intrusions into India during his visit to Beijing next week.
China's colossal contradictions  May 4, 4:46 pm
The China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong, a faculty that teaches 10,000 Chinese Communist Party (CCP) cadres annually, has resided in Shanghai since 2005. On the curriculum are Western leaders talking on topics such as development, management and media relations. Guest luminaries have included former United Kingdom prime minister Gordon Brown, the late Lee Kuan Yew, and former World Bank president Robert Zoellick.
BJP welcomes PM Modi's initiative of joining social media platform 'Weibo'  May 4, 4:33 pm
New Delhi, May 04 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative of joining the Chinese social media platform 'Weibo', saying this unique move will help to reach the common man of China.
PM Modi joining 'Weibo' will send message of friendship to China: Expert  May 4, 2:49 pm
New Delhi, May 4 (ANI): Shrikant Kondapalli, an expert on China, on Monday lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's move to join the Chinese social media platform 'Weibo', and said it would send a message of friendship to Beijing.
PM Modi debuts on Chinese social media platform 'Weibo'  May 4, 12:01 pm
New Delhi, May 4 (ANI): In a move that will enhance his communication with the sisters and brothers of China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his debut on the Chinese social media platform 'Weibo'.
Uber under probe in China for 'organising private drivers for unlicensed businesses'  May 2, 10:14 am
London, May 02 (ANI): Uber office in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has been raided by authorities as the company is under investigation for "organising private drivers to provide unlicensed businesses".
Katy Perry's sunflower dress sparks controversy in Taiwan   May 1, 9:29 am
Melbourne, May 1 (ANI): Katy Perry has sparked controversy by wearing a sunflower dress at her Prismatic World Tour in Taiwan as it was the symbol of Taiwan's anti-China protest last year.
China needs to play by international norms, says U.S. official  Apr 30, 12:42 pm
New Delhi, Apr.30 (ANI): A senior bureaucrat of the Obama administration, who is currently on a visit to New Delhi, has said China needs to play by international rules and norms, or it will continue to be politically and economically stalemated.
Tiny 160 mln year-old dinosaur with bat-like wings discovered in China  Apr 30, 10:35 am
London, Apr 30 (ANI): A new bat-like feathered dinosaur with wings made of skin discovered in China.
Collective team of doctors saving lives in Nepal  Apr 29, 7:45 pm
New Delhi, Apr 29 (ANI): A collective team of doctors from several nations including India and China are treating quake-affected people in Kathmandu's government hospital.
China's Great Firewall hijacks Faebook's login system  Apr 29, 1:43 pm
Washington, April 29 (ANI): China's Great Firewall has reportedly been consistently intercepting the Javascript module from Facebook Login, which allows third-party sites to authorize users through Facebook infrastructure, for the last three days.
China warns Japan-US alliance should not undermine Beijing's interests, disturb Asia-Pacific region  Apr 29, 1:17 pm
Beijing, April 29 (ANI): Day after United States President Barack Obama rolled out the red carpet to welcome Japanese Prime Minister Shizno Abe at the White House, Beijing has warned that Tokyo's alliance with Washington should not undermine China's interests or disturb the Asia-Pacific region.
US-Japan defence deal will allow Tokyo 'robust' military role amid concerns over China  Apr 28, 12:52 pm
London, April 28 (ANI): Japan and the United States have reportedly unveiled new rules for defence cooperation that will give the former a more robust military role amid mounting concerns over China's activities in South China and East China seas.
ASEAN warns China's island-building attempts may 'undermine peace, security' in South China Sea  Apr 27, 12:25 pm
London, April 27 (ANI): A statement released by the leaders of Southeast Asian nations ahead of a summit has said that China's island-building efforts "may undermine peace, security and stability" in the disputed South China Sea.
China to supply 50 more JF-17 Thunder jets to Pak over 3 years  Apr 26, 12:14 pm
Karachi, April 26 (ANI): China is set to supply another 50 JF-17 Thunder fighters to Pakistan over a period of three years, according to Radio Pakistan.
China, US sending response and rescue teams to quake-hit Nepal  Apr 26, 10:44 am
Kathmandu, Apr.26 (ANI): Rescue and response teams from China and the United States are expected to arrive in Nepal capital shortly to assist in the ongoing relief and rehabilitation operations in earthquake-hit Nepal.
Ram Madhav lauds PM Modi, slams UPA's border policy with China  Apr 25, 10:31 pm
Chennai, Apr. 25 (ANI): BJP general secretary Ram Madhav on Saturday condemned the former UPA regime's border policy with neighbouring China, saying the Indian security forces had extra instructions to never challenge the Chinese during that time.
Italian doctor claims can transplant man's head to new body in just an hour   Apr 24, 2:35 pm
London, April 24 (ANI): Surgeon Sergio Canavero has claimed that not only he can successfully conduct a head transplant, but he can do it within an hour.
China cracks down on strip shows in rural areas  Apr 24, 12:57 pm
Beijing, Apr.24 (ANI): The Ministry of Culture in China has recently stated that the organizers of strip shows in rural areas will be severely punished in order to restrain the illegal activities.
Free Trade agreement to boost trade with India: Australian Trade Minister  Apr 24, 6:41 am
New Delhi, Apr. 24 (ANI): Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb on Thursday said that Australia's bilateral trade with India is less than a tenth of its trade with China and has the potential of picking pace once the bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) is in place.
China issues warning to US over North Korea's growing nuclear arsenal  Apr 23, 5:19 pm
Washington, April 23 (ANI): Chinese experts have reportedly warned the United States earlier this year that North Korea's nuclear arsenal was growing and much larger than previously estimated.
Reform proposed by Hong Kong govt would require election candidates to be screened  Apr 23, 4:42 pm
London, April 23 (ANI): A new electoral reform proposed by Hong Kong's government although does not concede to demands for a fully free vote but complies with guidelines from China's legislature that required candidates contesting the 2017 election to be screened.
43 Fossilized dinosaur eggs found by construction workers in China  Apr 23, 12:13 pm
Washington, April 23 (ANI): Construction workers in China discovered 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs during roadwork in Heyuan City.