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New trend in China: Kids smoking candy-flavored e-cigs  Jun 28, 4:42 pm
Washington DC, Jun 28 (ANI): In China, new trend of using candy-flavored e-cigarettes to get kids hooked on smoking is catching on.
China aggressively building islands on reefs claimed by Philippines  Jun 27, 4:06 pm
London, June 27 (ANI): China is reportedly proceeding with the construction of artificial islands on at least two reefs, which are claimed by the Philippines, despite Beijing promising to end some work soon.
US intelligence chief claims China 'lead suspect' in cyber attack   Jun 26, 12:01 pm
London, June 26 (ANI): US intelligence chief James Clapper has alleged that China is the "leading suspect" in the major hack of a US Government agency that holds millions of personal records of Americans.
Baloch separatist leader opposes China-Pakistan economic corridor  Jun 26, 9:20 am
Geneva, June 25 (ANI): Exiled Baloch leader and chief of Baloch Republican Party Brahamdagh Bugti has opposed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the 3000 km project launched in April this year during Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Islamabad.
Japan may join US in conducting patrols in South China Sea  Jun 25, 6:06 pm
New York, June 25 (ANI): Chief of the Joint Staff of the Japan Self-Defense Forces has said that the country may join US forces in its regular patrolling in the South China Sea.
US, China end annual talks, differences on cyber-spying remain unresolved  Jun 25, 6:06 pm
Paris, June 25 (ANI): The United States and China have ended annual negotiations with some success on financial issues while differences on cyber-spying officially remain unresolved.
China National Security Law to add space, deep sea  Jun 25, 3:17 pm
London, June 25 (ANI): China will make changes to the sweeping and controversial draft legislation of its national security law by adding its assets and activities in polar regions, space and the deep sea.
Sushma raises Lakhvi issue with Chinese counterpart Wang Yi  Jun 25, 2:23 pm
Kathmandu, June 25 (ANI): External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Thursday raised the issue of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks mastermind Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi and China's stand on the matter in the 1267 Committee of the United Nations with her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on the sidelines of the International Donors Conference here.
China defends its 'dog meat' festival post protests  Jun 25, 11:20 am
New York, June 25 (ANI): After the hype that was created due to the dog meat festival in China, where almost 10,000 dogs were feasted upon, the citizens of Yulin are now raising their voice in favour of this festival.
Obama raises concerns over China's cyber activities  Jun 25, 10:17 am
London, June 25 (ANI): US President Barack Obama has raised concerns over China's cyber activities as the two-day talks between the nations come to an end.
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan companies dominate 2015 Forbes Asia's 'Best Under A Billion' list  Jun 25, 9:16 am
Singapore, June 25 (ANI): Companies from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan once again dominated this year's Forbes Asia's "Best Under A Billion" list.
Afghan Taliban casts doubts over Sartaj Aziz's peace talks claims  Jun 24, 9:49 pm
Karachi, June 24 (ANI): The Afghan Taliban has reportedly cast doubts over claims made by Pakistan's National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz that the leaders of the militant group had recently met representatives of a government-sponsored peace council in China.
Chinese authorities seize 40-year-old smuggled frozen meat  Jun 24, 4:36 pm
London, June 24 (ANI): A nationwide crackdown in China has resulted in authorities seizing almost USD 500 million worth of smuggled frozen meat, some of which is more than 40 years old.
Clashes between Uighurs, police in China's Xinjiang kill 18  Jun 24, 3:30 pm
New York, June 24 (ANI): Clashes between ethnic Uighurs and the police in China's Xinjiang region have killed at least 18 people this week, said reports that were corroborated by local residents and a police officer.
Indians on gold buying spree, while Chinese gold imports tumble  Jun 24, 2:17 pm
New York/Singapore, June 24 (ANI): Demand for gold in China is reportedly dropping, where as it is on the rise in India.
'Lakhvi 'a snake' can also bite China very ferociously': BJP  Jun 24, 1:23 pm
New Delhi, June 24 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday said LeT operations commander and 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks mastermind Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi is a snake which could bite both India and China ferociously.
India wants to fight terrorism tooth and nail: BJP  Jun 24, 11:38 am
New Delhi, June 24 (ANI): After India conveyed its concerns to China over the blocking of its move in the UN for action against Pakistan over the release of Mumbai terror attacks mastermind Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, the BJP on Wednesday said New Delhi intends to fight terrorism tooth and nail.
Sino-Indian relations today: Some basic issues  Jun 24, 9:26 am
New Delhi, June 24 (ANI): It is by now generally acknowledged that Prime Minister Modi's successes during the first year of his rule have been mostly in the area of foreign affairs.
After China blocks move on Lakhvi, India says decisions of 1267 committee binding on all UN members   Jun 23, 8:09 pm
New Delhi, June 23 (ANI): A day after China blocked India's move in the United Nations for action against Pakistan for the release of Lashkar-e-Taiba leader Zaki Ur Rehman Lakhvi from jail, New Delhi on Tuesday clarified that the government's concerns with regard to the 26/11 mastermind's release had been conveyed to the Chair of the 1267 Committee on the United Nations, noting that the decisions of the committee are binding on all member countries.
Simon Cowell speaks up to end 'annual slaughter of dogs' in China  Jun 23, 12:20 pm
London, June 23 (ANI): Simon Cowell has urged people around the world to take a stand towards the cruel treatment of dogs in China.
46 pilgrims of Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra enter China via Nathula  Jun 22, 2:58 pm
New Delhi, June 22 (ANI): A new chapter of friendship between New Delhi and Beijing began as the first batch of 46 pilgrims of the Kailash-Manasarovar Yatra via Nathula crossed over to China at the Nathula border post in Sikkim on Monday.
China's annual dog eating festival sets social media ablaze  Jun 20, 12:20 pm
Washington, June 20 (ANI): China's annual dog eating festival Yulin Summer Solstice Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, where some 10,000 canines are said to be beaten and killed for human consumption, has set social media ablaze.
Sowjanya Bavisetti surprises by downing Xinyu Gao in ITF Women's Tennis tournament  Jun 20, 10:55 am
New Delhi, June 20 (ANI): Six seed Indian Sowjanya Bavisetti caused the biggest surprise as she defeated top seed Xinyu Gao of China in the quarter-finals of the USD 10,000 ITF Women's Tennis tournament in Anning.
Key China-US dialogue set to take place next week  Jun 19, 6:24 pm
Beijing, June 19 (ANI): High ranking officials from China and the United States are set to meet for a key dialogue on issues ranging from security to the economy and people-to-people exchanges, next week in Washington D.C.
Hong Kong electoral reforms: Chinese media brands naysayers 'destroyers of democracy'  Jun 19, 6:24 pm
Washington, June 19 (ANI): China's state-run media has reportedly lashed out at Hong Kong's pro-democracy lawmakers for being 'destroyers' of democratic development, a day after they snubbed the Beijing-backed electoral reform package.