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'Alcoholic' Kim Richards arrested after drunken clash  Apr 17, 12:34 pm
Washington, Apr 17 (ANI): American TV star Kim Richards has been arrested after a drunken clash with hotel security and cops at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Why smoking leads to alcohol addiction  Apr 15, 12:00 pm
Washington, April 15 (ANI): Smoking can make people crave alcohol to the point where they become addicted to it.
This brain protein can curb binge drinking  Apr 6, 12:57 pm
Washington, Apr 6 (ANI): A new study has proposed that a naturally-occurring protein in the brain can act to suppress binge alcohol drinking.
Hospitalized alcoholics die 7.6 years earlier  Apr 3, 10:50 am
Washington, Apr 3 (ANI): A new study has revealed that alcohol-dependent hospital patients die from multiple morbidities 7.6 years earlier.
How underage binge-drinking may lead to increased anxiety, alcoholism in adults  Apr 3, 10:28 am
Washington, Apr 3 (ANI): A new study has revealed that binge-drinking during adolescence may affect adult behavior through long-lasting changes in genes.
Kids who 'taste' drinks now and then tend to start drinking early  Mar 31, 2:06 pm
Washington, March 31 (ANI): Kids who sip drinks now and then, tend to start drinking earlier than those who don't.
Lesbians handle booze better than straight women  Mar 29, 4:52 pm
London, Mar 29 (ANI): A new study has revealed that lesbians drink far better than straight women even after having a hazardous relationship with alcohol.
'Party crasher' Nick Jonas surprises fans with booze deliveries  Mar 29, 1:23 pm
Washington, Mar. 29 (ANI): Nick Jonas surprised his fans, after he took the job of a delivery boy and delivered alcohol to few customers and also drank, danced and sang with them.
US Secret Service issues new drinking guidelines  Mar 28, 3:10 pm
Washington, Mar 28 (ANI): Craig Magaw, the Deputy Director of the Secret Service, recently issued a new memo that has new guidelines on the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Was Zayn Malik pushed out of 1 D due to alcohol addiction?  Mar 27, 9:57 am
Washington, March 27 (ANI): Zayn Malik's departure from One Direction has broke many hearts, but now there are reports that the singer was pushed out of the band.
3 glasses of booze per day may cause liver cancer  Mar 25, 4:42 pm
London, March 25 (ANI): If you are a regular drinker, you might want to put that gas down, as new study has revealed that consuming 3 glasses of alcohol per day can cause liver cancer.
Jon Hamm's 30 day rehab stint for alcohol abuse comes to an end  Mar 25, 1:42 pm
Washington, March 25 (ANI): Jon Hamm has completed his 30-day rehab program for alcohol abuse.
Scott Disick checks into rehab to 'work on alcohol related issues'  Mar 17, 9:58 am
Washington, Mar 17 (ANI): Scott Disick has checked into a rehabilitation centre, after an insane and tequila-fueled weekend in Atlantic City.
Zimbabwean journalist fires back after global backlash over 'recovering alcoholic' article on Mooney  Mar 12, 11:15 am
Sydney, Mar 12 (ANI): The Zimbabwean journalist, whose article caused a worldwide outrage from the cricketing fraternity, compelled the Zimbabwe captain to apologize and led to Ireland cricket authorities pursuing legal action, has not been disheartened by the backlash over his distasteful article and has instead inexplicably fired back at his critics.
Gazza blames 'horrific' hacking for his alcoholism  Mar 12, 10:34 am
London, Mar 12 (ANI): Former England international Paul Gascoigne, popularly known as Gazza, has claimed that he had to change his phone five or six times a month, insisting that it was having his phones hacked that contributed towards his alcoholism.
Zimbabwean journalist comes under criticism for 'recovering alcoholic' jibe against Ireland's Mooney  Mar 11, 3:29 pm
Sydney, Mar 11 (ANI): A Zimbabwean journalist has come under fire for defaming Irish cricketer John Mooney, who has been labeled as a recovering alcoholic by the journalist, after his boundary catch helped knock the African nation out the World Cup.
All it takes is one drink to make you attractive to opposite sex  Mar 10, 12:31 pm
Melbourne, Mar. 10 (ANI): A new study has revealed that just one glass of alcohol could make people appear attractive to the opposite sex.
Male binge drinkers at 25 turn daily tipplers later in life  Mar 8, 11:51 am
London, Mar 8 (ANI): A new study has revealed that most men, who hit their peak alcohol consumption at age 25, grow out of binge drinking only to become regular boozers in middle to old age.
'Birthday boy' Justin Bieber shells-out $3,600 on booze to impress babes   Mar 8, 11:32 am
Washington, Mar 8 (ANI): Justin Bieber seem to have found a way to impress women at his 21st birthday bash.
No 'drums, banners, fireworks or alcohol' to be allowed at Copa America in Chile   Mar 7, 12:39 pm
Wellington, Mar 07 (ANI): The South American Football Championship or Copa America, which would be hosted by Chile this year, would be played under strict rules that fans complain would take the fizz out of proceedings at the tournament, in order to keep South America's notorious 'barra brava' hooligans away from football stadiums.
Flintoff claims 'life is so much easier' with not having any alcohol  Mar 2, 3:18 pm
Wellington, Mar 02 (ANI): Former England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff has claimed that life is so much easier with not having any alcohol, as he opened up on his battles with booze and depression.
'Love hormone' also prevents you from getting drunk  Feb 24, 10:14 am
Washington, Feb. 24(ANI): A new study has revealed that love or cuddle hormone called Oxytocin may play a crucial role in blocking the effects of alcohol.
Meet the alcoholic who woke up teetotal after getting knocked down in car crash  Feb 22, 1:18 pm
London, Feb 22 (ANI): An alcoholic, who was knocked down in car crash, has woken up teetotal after the accident made him forget he was addicted to booze.
Soon, Starbucks to start serving booze and beef in UK outlets  Feb 21, 12:55 pm
London, Feb 21 (ANI): World renowned coffee shop chain Starbucks would soon be serving alcoholic drinks in the evenings at its UK outlets.
Funny alcoholic YouTube videos fail to show dark side of too-much drinking  Feb 21, 11:39 am
Washington, Feb. 21 (ANI): A recent research has revealed that YouTube videos suggest alcohol makes people funny and popular but fail to show the harms of too much drinking.